Best Gadgets To Unlock & Upgrade In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2


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Best Gadgets To Unlock & Upgrade In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

If you’re not sure which cool tools to get first and power up in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In the game, you can buy and improve gadgets using special tokens, which are not easy to come by. So, it’s important to make smart choices.

To help you out, here are the 5 best gadgets to unlock & upgrade first in Spider-Man 2.

Best Gadgets To Unlock & Upgrade In Spider-Man 2

In this game, there are five gadgets that can help our heroes take down their enemies with style. Depending on your game version, you can unlock these gadgets at different times. But here’s the good news: all gadgets can be unlocked at their basic level when you reach Level 13, which doesn’t take too long.

1. Web-Shooters

Your Web-Shooters automatically unlock, but it’s a good idea to make them better first because they’re your main way to protect yourself. As you get stronger in the game, you can make them even more powerful.

Remember, you can only use Web-Shooters and other gadgets a certain number of times, so running out of them at a bad time is not a good thing.

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2. Ricochet Web

At Level 13, you can unlock a powerful ability that’s kind of like a supercharged version of a web shooter in a video game.

When you use it the right way, it can be really effective. It shoots out a web that can trap multiple enemies and then bounces between them. This is great for both defending yourself and attacking because it stops the enemies in their tracks, and the shots bouncing between them count as hitting them. 

It might not be super useful in fights where you’re only up against one enemy, but in the more common situations Spider-Man faces, it can be a game-changer. Plus, it can become even better when Spider-Man learns new skills.

3. Concussion Burst

Concussion Burst is a fantastic gadget that Peter and Miles can use when they’re dealing with big groups of enemies. It’s really helpful for controlling the crowd because it pushes enemies back and temporarily stuns them. This comes in handy when they’re up against tough, armored foes or enemies who attack from a distance. It can also give Spider-Man a breather to heal if he needs to. The more they improve this gadget, the more useful it becomes.

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4. Upshot

The Upshot is an early gadget in Spider-Man 2. It is primarily designed for knocking enemies into the air. While it can help when dealing with a barrage of enemy fire in early missions, it’s less effective if you’re not already airborne. Other gadgets excel in crowd control, so consider prioritizing upgrades or unlocking different gadgets with your tech parts, as they often provide more versatile utility.

5. Web Grabber

You might have this gadget right from the start or need to unlock it. It’s a good idea to start with this one and make it stronger. Why? Because it pulls bad guys together, making it easier to hit them all at once. 

And as you make it better, it becomes even more useful. When you upgrade it to level 3, you can also grab big strong enemies in one place and take things they throw at you. It’s a smart choice to upgrade the Web Grabber first because it’s cheaper than the Concussion Burst and Ricochet Web. 

Plus, you can make it stronger early on, which is not the case for the other gadgets.

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