Starfield Outpost: 6 Best Outpost Locations in Starfield


Looking for the perfect Starfield outpost location? Here, we unveil the top 6 outposts that promise ample resources, strategic advantages, and breathtaking views.

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Starfield Outpost: 6 Best Outpost Locations in Starfield

In the new Bethesda game, players have the exciting opportunity to establish Starfield Outposts on various planets, effectively establishing a base of operations for resource collection, exploration, and storage. This guide will unveil the 6 best Starfield outpost locations, ensuring players access the best early-game resources for a smoother cosmic adventure.

Best Starfield Outpost Locations

Here is the list of 6 best Starfield outpost locations:

  • Andraphon
  • Jemison
  • Katydid III
  • Maheo II
  • Schrodinger II
  • Zamka
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Starfield Outpost is the best option for resource collection, exploration, and storage.


Andraphon is a moon circling Sumati, a planet in the Narion system. It’s barren with no air or protective shield. But it’s a goldmine of useful stuff, like Helium-3, Aluminum, Iron, Beryllium, and Europium. These resources are super important for players, especially in the early stages of the game.


Jemison, another Starfield Outpost is the main planet for the United Colonies in Starfield. It’s like Earth and is found in Alpha Centauri. You go there first in the game. Jemison has lots of useful stuff like water, lead, chlorine, argon, and chlorosilanes. It is one of the best Starfield outpost locations.

Katydid III

In the Katydid system, there’s a planet called Katydid III. It’s unique because it has special resources hidden below its surface. You can find things like water, aluminum, copper, iron, lead, beryllium, silver, and a very rare resource called Indicite. And Katydid III is the only Starfield Outpost to find Indicite.

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Maheo II

Maheo II is a valuable planet with unique resources. It is located in the Maheo System. It has common resources like water, helium-3, copper, iron, lead, and alkanes. But what makes it a special Starfield Outpost are two super rare resources, tetrafluorides, and ytterbium, found nowhere else. Mining these resources on Maheo II can be a game-changer for anyone in need of these valuable materials.

Schrodinger II

Schrodinger II is a special planet in the Schrodinger System. It’s the only place where players can dig up the super-rare Aldumite. But that’s not all! There are lots of other valuable things on this planet, like Chlorine, Lead, Uranium, Chlorosilanes, Tungsten, Titanium, and Plutonium. And guess what? The other planets and moons in the Schrodinger System are also full of useful stuff waiting to be mined by players.


Zamka is a planet in Alpha Centauri, just like Jemison. It’s great for the early game because it has lots of important resources like Nickel and Copper, which you need to make stuff in Starfield. You can also find Water, Helium-3, Iron, Uranium, Cobalt, and Vanadium there. So, it’s a good Starfield Outpost to gather resources and get started in the game.

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Zamka contains some of the rarest resources amongst all Starfield outposts.

Well, as you know Starfield is Bethesda’s new RPG game, and people who love RPGs really like it. It’s a big game where you explore space. The game boasts a sprawling universe with countless planets waiting to be explored. These celestial bodies include stars, satellites, and outposts, each brimming with valuable resources crucial to players’ progression. These resources serve as building blocks for crafting items that facilitate their interstellar journey. So, we hope our guide to the best Starfield Outpost locations can be helpful for you.

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