AC Mirage Combat: Best tips for better Combat and Stealth


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AC Mirage Combat: Best tips for better Combat and Stealth.

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, set in 9th-century Baghdad, playing as Basim, being sneaky is key when infiltrating enemy bases and protecting targets. While Basim can fight openly, it’s better to avoid big battles.

Follow our best tips for Combat and Stealth in AC Mirage. You’ll discover how to use the environment to your advantage and master advanced fighting techniques. These tips will make you a stealthy ghost in Baghdad’s narrow streets, whether you prefer quiet takedowns or epic blade fights under the scorching sun. Get good at the game with our guidance.

Best Tips for Combat and Stealth in AC Mirage

Use Enkidu for scouting work

Before sneaking into enemy hideouts, let Enkidu do a lot of scouting work. Enkidu is really good at this. Enkidu should find all the bad guys they can see and remember where they are. Also, look for any bricks in the walls that seem like they can be used for climbing, and check for any weak parts in the building that might break. It’s important to figure out where the alarm bell is too.

Use Smoke Bombs

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, don’t just scout with Enkidu, use Smoke Bombs wisely. Instead of blinding distant enemies, save them for fights. If you’re swarmed by enemies, throw a Smoke Bomb at your feet to stun them all, then take them out with your hidden blade. It’s a game-changing tactic, and you won’t need to worry about other combat moves.

Use explosive pots in your combat

In Baghdad’s streets and enemy hideouts, you’ll find red explosive pots. You can use them cleverly in your combat:

  • Throw small pots at groups of enemies from afar and explode them with a knife for quiet chain explosions.
  • Carry pots close to unsuspecting enemies, place them, and shoot to lure guards for a surprise attack.
  • Use a knife to hit big pots when enemies come close, catching them in the blast.
  • In a fight, throw small pots directly at aggressive guards for big damage.

Explosives can help in sneaky or noisy situations. Use them in combat when sneaking around or facing enemies head-on.

Cut down ropes

Watch for ropes holding up heavy things like crates. They can break if you cut them with a throwing knife from a distance. This will make the heavy thing fall on the bad guys below, which is a sneaky way to get rid of some of them before going into dangerous areas.

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Destroy the Alarm Bell Before Combat

Before you start your combat in AC Mirage where you need to sneak into a place, look for the big bells with ropes hanging in the open.

When you find these bells, use your Throwing Knife to cut the rope and make the bell fall. This is important because if you get caught by the bad guys, they won’t be able to call for more help or backup.

As a cool bonus, if there are any enemies standing under the bell when it falls, they’ll get squished and instantly defeated. So, it’s a good idea to take out those bells when you can to make your missions easier.

Don’t use Eagle Vision while moving

When you use Eagle Vision, you can’t see the warnings for enemy attacks properly. This makes it hard to know when to dodge or defend against their strikes. So, it’s a good idea to stay away from fighting when you’re using Eagle Vision to avoid getting confused.

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Pay Merchants to get help

Nobody wants to spend their money, especially when trying to make money quickly in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. However, we suggest paying merchants to help you get into places you need to go. You can sneak into enemy strongholds for free by finding holes in their walls, but merchants will help you sneak in without being noticed. This might also help you reach your mission goal faster.

Remove Hornbearers

Some of the guards have horns on their belts. They use these horns to call for more guards if they notice trouble. In a fight, it’s a good idea to go after these guards first. That way, you can stop them from calling for help. You can also throw a knife from a distance to break their horn and keep them from getting back up.

Enemy Attacks

When you’re in a fight, the enemies glow right before they try to hit you. When they do that, you need to be really good at blocking their attacks at just the right moment. This will let you hit them back really well. Basim isn’t great at fighting openly, so when you get good at blocking like this, it helps you defend against lots of guards at once.

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Get Tools

To do well in your missions, make sure to get certain tools early. These tools include sleep darts, smoke bombs, throwing knives, traps, and noisemakers. Sleep darts are especially important because they help you quietly put guards to sleep without getting too close. These tools give you different ways to complete missions in clever and creative ways.

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