Black Clover M Valkyrie Armor Noelle’s Skills and Release Date Revealed


The developers have hinted at the Black Clover M Valkyrie Armor Noelle’s skills and release date, and fans are quite excited about this new character.

Black Clover M Valkyrie Armor Noelle’s Skills and Release Date Revealed
Black Clover M Valkyrie Armor Noelle’s Skills and Release Date Revealed

Black Clover M is about to become even more thrilling with the new character, Valkyrie Armor Noelle.

This new SSR Harmony Defense unit has been hinted at by the Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King Twitter handle, and her release date is expected around June 27, 2024. Let’s explore what makes her skills special and why she will be a powerful addition to any team.

Overview of Black Clover M Valkyrie Armor Noelle

Valkyrie Armor Noelle is expected to be an SSR Harmony Defense unit. This means she’ll have high defense and be able to survive well in battles. However, she’s not a seasonal character, so you can’t use season keys to get her. Instead, you’ll have to pull for her using regular methods.

Noelle’s real strength comes from a special buff called Sea Dragon’s Spear. This buff greatly increases her damage based on how many stacks of it she has. So, even though she’s a defense unit, she can also deal a lot of damage thanks to this buff.

Black Clover M Valkyrie Armor Noelle’s Skills

Valkyrie Armor Noelle in Black Clover M is not just a regular defense unit, she’s a versatile character who can both guard her teammates and deliver strong attacks. Here’s a look at her skills:

Sea God Battle Maiden’s Spear

Noelle attacks an enemy with a sharp water spear, causing damage. For each stack of [Sea Dragon’s Spear], her attack power increases by 40%. Additionally, this skill gives the ally with the highest attack power a 40% damage reduction for one turn.

Black Clover M Valkyrie Armor Noelle’s Skills and Release Date Revealed

Sea Dragon’s Cradle

Noelle creates a water shield that protects all allies. It reduces the damage they take by 10% and increases their critical hit resistance for two turns.

Sea Dragon’s Roar

Noelle calls upon a huge sea dragon to attack one enemy. Each stack of [Sea Dragon’s Spear] boosts damage dealt by 75% before attacking. This move also removes any protective barriers on the target.

Combined Attack

Noelle teams up with her partner to attack together. They hurt an enemy and give her mage friend [Invulnerability] for one turn.

Unique Passive

When Noelle is the only defender on her team, she gets stronger each time she’s attacked, up to four times. These boosts reset after she uses Skill 1 or her Special Skill. When she reaches four boosts, Noelle can remove Immortality from enemies before attacking.

Well, based on leaks and hints from official sources, many speculate the potential release date of the Valkyrie Armor Noelle character could be around June 27th, 2024. But remember, this date is just speculation and could change. Hence it’s best to wait for the official announcement.

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