CoD Modern Warfare 3 Weapons Roster and Reveal Event Date Leaked


The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 weapons roster has been leaked ahead of the official reveal, and leaks have additionally hinted at the possible reveal event date.

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CoD Modern Warfare 3 Weapons roster and reveal event date leaked

Activision is launching a new installment in the franchise in 2023 amid constant rumors that there won’t be a new premium release, as there is every year. It has been confirmed by the CoD developers that Season 5 of Warzone 2 will feature a global reveal event, possibly of the CoD 2023 game aka Modern Warfare 3.

And as we are drawing closer to the highly anticipated reveal, leaks are starting to circulate within the community. The recent leaks have revealed the CoD Modern Warfare 3 Weapons roster and the reveal event date.

CoD Modern Warfare 3 Weapons Roster

The latest datamine leak reveals the CoD Modern Warfare 3 weapon roster for the launch, giving players a glimpse of what to expect when the game drops, likely in November.

The lineup looks diverse, with some unique choices and a notable presence of Russian-origin weapons, hinting at a potential connection to Makarov in Modern Warfare III. The leaked list, credits to Reddit user Much_Draft_2778, includes the following weapons in different categories:

Assault Rifles

  • jup_ar_acharlie = Bushmaster ACR in 5.56
  • jup_ar_acharlie300 = Bushmaster ACR in .300 Blackout
  • jup_ar_golf36 = Heckler & Koch G36
  • jup_ar_bromeo2m = CZ BREN 2 Ms in 7.62×39
  • jup_ar_bromeo805 = CZ 805 BREN in 5.56
  • jup_ar_foxtrot2000 = FN F2000
  • jup_ar_qbravo95 = QBZ-95 in 5.8×42
  • jup_ar_qbravo97 = QBZ 97 NSR Gen 3 in 5.56

Battle Rifles

  • jup_br_acharlie450 = Bushmaster ACR in .450 Bushmaster
  • jup_br_bromeo2 = CZ BREN 2 BR in 7.62×51
  • jup_br_xmike5 = MCX Spear (XM7)

Marksman Rifles

  • jup_dm_acharlied = ACR DMR in 5.56
  • jup_dm_bromeop = CZ BREN 2 PPS
  • jup_dm_slima8 = Heckler & Koch SL8
  • jup_dm_svictork = Kalashnikov SVK

Machine Guns

  • jup_lm_evictor = FN EVOLYS
  • jup_lm_mgolf36 = Heckler & Koch MG36
  • jup_lm_pkilob = Bullpup PKP Pecheneg
  • jup_lm_pkilop = PKP Pecheneg
  • jup_lm_qbravo95lsw = QJB-95 LSW


  • jup_pi_glima21 = Glock 21
  • jup_pi_mike93 = Beretta 93R
  • jup_pi_rsierra12 = RSh-12
  • jup_pi_uzulum = Micro Uzi


  • jup_sh_pump = Unknown
  • jup_sh_semi = Unknown

Sub-Machine Guns

  • jup_sm_coscar635 = Colt Model 635
  • jup_sm_lwhiskey = LWRC SMG-45
  • jup_sm_scharlie3 = CZ SCORPION EVO 3
  • jup_sm_umike = Heckler & Koch UMP
  • jup_sm_uzulu = Uzi
  • jup_sm_uzulup = Uzi Pro

Sniper Rifles

  • jup_sn_hsierra = Steyr HS .50 M1
  • jup_sn_svictor = SVCh


  • jup_eq_butterfly_mine = PFM-1 mine


  • jup_ks_lrad = Long-range acoustic device
  • jup_ks_switchblade_drone = AeroVironment Switchblade

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While some of the leaked Cod Modern Warfare 3 weapons are familiar to the players, others are rare and less commonly seen in the franchise. The list reveals real-world names for the guns, but it’s likely they will be given in-universe names, like ‘Lachmann’ or ‘TAQ,’ when the game is officially released.

It’s worth noting that the leaked list might not be complete, and additional weapons could surface as the game’s launch approaches.

CoD Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Event Date Leak

Additionally, for players eagerly awaiting the in-game reveal event for Modern Warfare III in Call of Duty: Warzone, there is speculation that the event will occur on Thursday, August 17.

Data miners have found references to a banner indicating a “worldwide reveal of Modern Warfare III” in the Warzone game files after a recent update. Alaix, a COD leaker, stated that the in-game announcement will take place on August 17 and CharlieIntel verified the information.

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However, there are no specific details about what the reveal event will entail, and there has been much discussion about potential carry-over from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and how the two games will interact.

Players can expect more details and surprises in the highly anticipated game as launch day draws closer.

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