Complete Mortal Kombat 1 roster has been leaked


A purportedly leaked screenshot has emerged, revealing the initial Mortal Kombat 1 roster for NetherRealm Studios’ upcoming fighting game.

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Complete Mortal Kombat 1 roster has been leaked

It has been common knowledge for some time that Mortal Kombat 1 would feature fan-favorite characters like Rain, Smoke, and Reptile. However, certain character slots remained undisclosed until recently. Thanks to this leaked screenshot, it seems the Mortal Kombat 1 roster is no longer a secret.

Mortal Kombat 1 Roster Leak

The screenshot, shared on Twitter by user Dynasty, allegedly displays the launch roster for Mortal Kombat 1. This roster supposedly comprises 24 characters, including beloved figures such as

  • Liu Kang
  • Raiden
  • Johnny Cage
  • Kung Lao
  • Scorpion
  • Sub-zero
  • Mileena
  • Kitana
  • Baraka
  • Reptile
  • Kenshi
  • Shao Kahn, and more

Remarkably, one character slot remains conspicuously empty.

With this new revelation, Mortal Kombat 1’s character count climbs to 23. Fans are particularly excited about the return of Nitara, marking her first full, playable appearance since Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

However, the vacant character slot in the Mortal Kombat 1 roster leak is generating substantial speculation. Some believe it could signify the return of Kronika, possibly tied to the game’s storyline. Nevertheless, this character is likely to become accessible only after players have completed the campaign, once the game is released.

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The authenticity of Mortal Kombat 1 roster and past leak

Although the authenticity of the leaked image of the Mortal Kombat 1 roster cannot be confirmed, it does align with prior rumors concerning the initial character roster for Mortal Kombat 1. Notably, a GameFAQs message board member known as r00000r has a track record of accurately leaking information about Mortal Kombat 11, including details about the game’s story, DLC fighters, and the Aftermath expansion.

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Mortal Kombat 1 will be released on September 19, 2023

Fateunknown, another leaker, supported r00000r’s script leak for Mortal Kombat 1’s story and accurately predicted the presence of Kenshi and Johnny Cage in a recent gameplay reveal at Summer Games Fest, associated with the Yakuza. Also, a fake leaker had previously sent r00000r a character list, and r00000r confirmed which characters were not featured in the game. Consequently, he indirectly confirmed the remaining 19 Mortal Kombat 1 roster characters on the list.

According to the leaker, Cyrax, Sektor, Jade, and a female variant of Nightwolf will not be among the playable characters in Mortal Kombat 1. Mortal Kombat 1’s Director, Ed Boon, previously mentioned that the game’s story determines the main roster and cameo characters. For instance, characters like Cassie and the other Kombat Kids are not yet born in the game’s timeline.

Boon also disclosed that the game is built on Unreal Engine 4. Due to transitioning to this newer engine before the pandemic, any additional delay would have resulted in a seven-year gap between Mortal Kombat 11 and Mortal Kombat 1 if the team had also worked on Injustice 3. To avoid this lengthy interval between consecutive Mortal Kombat titles, the development team opted to skip working on Injustice 3 for the time being and focus on Mortal Kombat 1.

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Well, fans have high hopes for the game, and this Mortal Kombat 1 roster leak has increased the anticipation even more.

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