Dak Prescott’s love life: what do we know about the NFL star’s personal life in 2023?


The excellent Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has not only won the hearts of football fans but also garnered attention for his private life aka love life.

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Exploring Dak Prescott, the NFL star’s love life

The Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL) are led by quarterback Dak Prescott. At Mississippi State, where he played collegiate football, Prescott twice earned first-team All-SEC recognition. Later, in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draught, the Cowboys made a selection of him.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott, 29, kept his relationship with Natalie Buffett under wraps for two years. However, their romance only made headlines when they decided to part ways in January 2023.

Since then, there has been no public information available about Dark Prescott’s love life, leaving fans wondering about the whereabouts of both Natalie Buffett and Jadyn Jannasch.

Dak Prescott’s love life: From Natalie Buffett to Jadyn Jannasch

Following Dak Prescott’s breakup with Natalie Buffett, there were rumors linking him romantically to Jadyn Jannasch, a 20-year-old from Dallas. However, these rumors were denied by teammate and close friend Ezekiel Elliott.

According to Page Six, Jannasch supposedly met Prescott through her father, Jeff Jannasch, who has a business partnership with the Cowboys. Currently, Jannasch, who is an LSU swimmer, is enjoying her offseason by partying with friends and documenting her experiences on Instagram.

Amidst rumors surrounding his relationship with Jadyn Jannasch, there is no official confirmation from Dak Prescott or Jannasch themselves. 

However, Prescott did have a confirmed relationship with Natalie Buffett, which lasted for a couple of years. 

Who is Natalie Buffett, Dak Prescott’s ex-girlfriend?

Dak Prescott’s aspirations of winning the 2023 Super Bowl were shattered when the Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers on January 22. Adding to his heartbreak, Page Six reports that Prescott experienced another breakup in the past year, this time with his girlfriend Natalie Buffett. 

Notably, Buffett refrained from posting about the Cowboys on social media during the 2022 season, indicating that the couple had already split. HollywoodLife has contacted Prescott’s agent for verification. 

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According to Page Six, Dak Prescott is currently involved in casual dating after his split from Natalie in March 2022. The former couple managed to keep their two-year relationship private. Details about their romance remain scarce, including the specifics of how they met. Natalie attended college in Texas and currently resides in Dallas, coinciding with Dak’s tenure with the Cowboys since 2016.

Buffett had even posted a picture of herself with Prescott on Instagram to celebrate his birthday, though she has since deleted it. 

While Buffett has remained active on social media, showcasing moments such as attending a friend’s wedding, Prescott will likely continue to keep his love life private. If he is currently dating someone, it might take the media a while to uncover the details, potentially waiting another year.

What Does Natalie Buffett Do For Work?

Natalie has held the position of Director of Content Creation and Strategy at OxeFit since May 2021, as stated on her LinkedIn profile. 

OxeFit is a home fitness company that aims to provide accessible strength training experiences for individuals ranging from beginners to professional athletes, with a focus on integrating physical and mental well-being into daily life. 

Prior to joining OxeFit, Natalie worked as an Engineering Intern at BGE, Inc. from January 2019 to January 2020.

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