Dawnwalker is the new game from Rebel Wolves, a studio by CD Projekt RED veterans


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Dawnwalker: Origins might be the new game from Rebel Wolves, a studio by CD Projekt RED veterans

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, known as the Game Director behind The Witcher 3 and the Head of Production for Cyberpunk 2077, assembled a fresh team in 2022 at Rebel Wolves, a new studio aiming to develop a cutting-edge dark fantasy RPG. This RPG game potentially titled DAWNWALKER: ORIGINS marks the first title in an intended saga.

Dawnwalker Confirmed To Be The New Game From Rebel Wolves

The first game developed by Rebel Wolves is officially named “Dawnwalker,” as they recently confirmed on Twitter. Rebel Wolves shared a wallpaper highlighting fresh artwork alongside the announcement, showing a swordsman jumping out of the shadows.

Well, very little is known about Dawnwalker, and the title is the only thing that today’s announcement confirms. However, fans shouldn’t anticipate marketing to suddenly pick up steam because the developers acknowledge that they typically “don’t comment on rumors,” and they are still working on the game.

Previous Leaks on Dawnwalker Origins – The new title from Rebel Wolves, a studio by CD Projekt RED veterans

According to the information available, Rebel Wolves is developing a game that could be called DAWNWALKER: ORIGINS, which would be the first installment of the DAWNWALKER Saga.

The available information is derived from the studio’s trademarks, recent domain registrations like “dawnwalkergame.com” and “dawnwalkeroriginsthegame.com”, and mentions on Rebel Wolves’ website and LinkedIn profiles. Also, the possibility of the game being called DAWNWALKER: ORIGINS, comes from the fact that trademarks for DAWNWALKER were officially filed in Europe in December 2021 and in the USA in January 2022.

While specific details about DAWNWALKER: ORIGINS remain scarce, insights gleaned from job descriptions and LinkedIn suggest it’s a story-driven RPG set in an entirely new dark fantasy world built on Unreal Engine 5. The job description about the game stated, “The scope of this game will not be as gigantic as The Witcher, but the amount of quests will be I think greater than it was in The Witcher. The game’s size will be close to the Blood and Wine expansion.”

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What is currently known about Dawnwalker?

Apart from this current data, it’s hinted that DAWNWALKER: ORIGINS might launch on PC and next-gen consoles (likely PS5 and Xbox Series X/S), potentially embracing an open-world format and focusing on an offline single-player experience. Also, the game is designed to offer an equivalent experience across all platforms without exclusive content or microtransactions.

In 2022, NetEase became a stakeholder in Rebel Wolves while maintaining the studio’s creative independence. The devs claim that the IP is planned as a Saga and the goal is ‘to revolutionize the RPG genre’. By 2022, the game had progressed to the Alpha stage, with nearly 100 team members dedicated to its development.

In a 2022 interview, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, The Witcher 3 game director shared insights on the project, and here are the main takeaways:

  • He referred to the unannounced game as the “Holy Grail” of RPGs, promising a combination of an expansive open world and a compelling narrative.
  • Rebel Wolves aims to revolutionize aspects of the RPG genre, although specifics remain undisclosed.
  • The game will be developed using Unreal Engine 5, as working with a quality third-party engine is more convenient and better for the project than developing in-house technology.
  • Drawing from his experience with Cyberpunk 2077, Tomaszkiewicz stressed the team’s commitment to a thorough development process rather than rushing the release.
  • Rebel Wolves intends to remain a moderately sized studio, capping its team at around 80 members.
  • Rebel Wolves promises to give its staff creative freedom and support them in striking a work-life balance.
  • The studio targets a 2025 release for its first game and plans to expand its workforce in the coming months.

Rebel Wolves’ team, in addition to Tomaszkiewicz, includes industry veterans, some of whom were involved in The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077. While specific details about the AAA dark fantasy RPG remain under wraps, the studio is anticipated to reveal more details in the coming month.

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