EA FC 24 Skills: Every Level Skill and How to Use Them


Get ready to enhance your gaming prowess with EA FC 24 Skills with our comprehensive guide covering every skill and how to master them.

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EA FC 24 Skills: Every Level Skill and How to Use Them

What is football without some neat tricks? Electronic Arts seem to have recognized this because they have some pretty cool tricks lined up in the upcoming title EA Sports FC 24 which releases on 29 September 2023. If you want to learn about them, you’ve landed on the right page.

Among these FC 24 skills are some 5-star ones. It is worth reading up on them as that would give you an advantage over others when the title is released. Even the strongest of players can’t block a perfectly executed trick.

Well, you will learn all the juicy details of every EA Sports FC 24 skill below. Let’s dive in!\

All EA Sports FC 24 skills

The list below is divided according to the star skill level. We have listed the EA FC 24 skill move and then the controls for it.

1 Star Skill level

  • Ball Juggle (Standing): L2 + [tap] R1
  • First Time Feint Turn: [Hold] L1 + R1 + L (down)
  • Flick up: R3
  • Directional Nutmeg: [Hold] R1 + R (any direction)
  • Open Up Fake Shot Left: [Hold] L1 + Square/Circle + X + L (top left)
  • Open Up Fake Shot Right: [Hold] L1 + Square/Circle + X + L (top right)

2 Star Skill level

  • Ball Roll Left: R [Hold left]
  • Ball Roll Right: R [Hold right]
  • Feint Forward and Turn: R [flick down, down]
  • Stepover Right: R [top to right]
  • Stepover Left: R [top to left]
  • Body Feint Right: R [flick right]
  • Body Feint Left: R [flick left]
  • Reverse Stepover Right: R [right to top]
  • Reverse Stepover Left: R [left to top]
  • Drag Back: L1 + R1 + L [flick down]

3 Star Skill level

  • Heel Chop Left (when running): [Hold] L2 + Square or Circle + X + L [Hold left]
  • Heel Chop Left (when running): [Hold] L2 + Square or Circle + X + L [Hold right]
  • Roulette Right: R [down rotate clockwise]
  • Roulette Left: R [down rotate anti-clockwise]
  • Heel Flick: R [flick up, down]
  • Fake Left & Go Right: R [left anti-clockwise to right]
  • Fake Right & Go Left: R [right clockwise to left]
  • Feint Left & Exit Right: R [left anti-clockwise to right]
  • Feint Right & Exit Left: R [right clockwise to left]
  • Stutter Feint: [Hold] L2 + R [left, right/right, left]

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4 Star Skill level

  • Simple Rainbow: R [flick down, up]
  • Spin Right: [Hold] R1 + R [down clockwise to right]
  • Spin Left: [Hold] R1 + R [down anti-clockwise to left]
  • Ball Hop (when standing): [Hold] L1 + R3
  • Ball Roll Drag: [Hold] L1 + R [flick down, left/right]
  • Drag Back Turn: [Hold] L2 + R [hold down]
  • Flair Nutmegs: [Hold] L1 + R1 + R [flick in any direction]
  • Stop & Turn Left (when running): R [flick up, left]
  • Stop & Turn Right (when running): R [flick up, right]
  • Lane Change Left: [Hold] L1 + R [Hold left]
  • Lane Change Right: [Hold] L1 + R [Hold right]
  • Fake Pass Exit Left (while standing): [Hold] R2 + Square or Circle + X + L (top left)
  • Fake Pass Exit Right (while standing): [Hold] R2 + Square or Circle + X + L (top right)
  • Ball Roll Cut Right: R [hold right] + L [hold left]
  • Ball Roll Cut Left: R [hold left] + L [hold right]
  • Fake Pass (when standing): [Hold] R2 + Square or Circle + X
  • Quick Ball Rolls: R [hold down]
  • Three Touch Roulette Left: [Hold] L2 + R [flick down, left]
  • Three Touch Roulette Right: [Hold] L2 + R [flick down, right]
  • Drag to Heel: [Hold] L1 + R [flick down, left/right]
  • Drag Back Spin Right: R [flick down, right]
  • Drag Back Spin Left: R [flick down, left]
  • Ball Roll Cut: [Hold] L1 + R [flick down, down]
  • Heel to Ball Roll: [Hold] L1 + R [flick up, down]

5 Star Skill level

  • Hocus Pocus: R [down to left] + R [left anti-clockwise to right]
  • Triple Elastico: R [down to right] + R [right anti-clockwise to left]
  • Heel Flick Turn: [Hold] R1 + R [flick up, down]
  • Sombrebo Flick (when standing): R [flick up, up, down]
  • Ball Roll & Flick Left (when running): R [hold left, flick up]
  • Ball Roll & Flick Right (when running): R [hold right, flick up]
  • Advanced Rainbow: R [flick down, hold up, flick up]
  • Reverse Elastico: R [left anti-clockwise to right]
  • Elastico: R [right clockwise to left]
  • Elastico Chop Left: [Hold] R1 + R [right clockwise to left]
  • Elastico Chop Right: [Hold] R1 + R [left anti-clockwise to right]
  • Turn & Spin Left: R [flick up, left]
  • Turn & Spin Right: R [flick up, right]
  • Ball Roll Fake Right (when standing): R [hold right] + R [flick left]
  • Ball Roll Fake Left (when standing): R [hold left] + R [flick right]
  • Spin Flick Left: [Hold] R1 + R [flick up, left]
  • Spin Flick Right: [Hold] R1 + R [flick up, right]
  • Rabona Fake (when jogging): [Hold] L2 + Square or Circle + X + L [down]
  • Ball Roll Fake Turn: [Hold] L2 + R [flick up, left/right]
  • Heel Fake: [Hold] L2 + R [left/right or right/left]
  • Tornado Spin Left: [Hold] L1 + R [flick up, left]
  • Tornado Spin Right: [Hold] L1 + R [flick up, right]
  • Flick Over: R [hold up]
  • Flair Rainbow: [Hold] L1 + R [flick down, up]

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Juggling Skill moves

  • Sombrero Flick Backwards: [Hold] L2 + R1 + L [down]
  • Sombrero Flick Left: [Hold] L2 + R1 + L [left]
  • Sombrero Flick Right: [Hold] L2 + R1 + L [right]
  • Laces Flick Up: [Hold] L2 + [Hold] R1
  • Around the World: [Hold] L2 + R (rotate clockwise)
  • In Air Elastico: [Hold] L2 + R [flick right, left]
  • Reverse In Air Elastico: [Hold] L2 + R [flick left, right]
  • Chest Flick: [Hold] L2 + R2 [press twice]
  • Flick Up: L [hold up]
  • T. Around the World: [Hold] L2 + R (rotate clockwise) + R (flick up)

EA Sports FC 24: New Skill Moves

As we mentioned, new skills have been introduced in EA Sports FC 24. There are four of these EA FC 24 Skills in total. That means four different ways in which the title got much more fun than the previous one. Here are the new EA FC 24 Skills:

  • Flair Rainbow
  • Ball Roll Drag
  • Flair Nutmeg
  • Drag Back Turn.

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That’s all from our side regarding the EA FC 24 skills! We are sure you won’t be able to memorize all of the controls in one go so feel free to come back to this page whenever you need the controls of a specific move.

For constant updates, keep following Gamevro.


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