Genshin Impact Kusanali: release date, storyline, weapon, 3.2 leaks


Genshin Impact Kusanali leaks suggest that we might get to see the new Dendro Archon in the 3.2 update of the game.

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The big Genshin Impact 3.0 update is finally starting to roll out. Its Livestream was held recently which was a huge success. The 3.0 patch promises to be a game-changing update to the title.

However, among the major attractions are the character releases. And the one and only Genshin Impact Kusanali is one of the characters that will be released after patch 3.0, in the upcoming upgrades.

This girl is one of the most important characters out there in the Genshin Impact roster. This article was put together to bring all the leaks and rumors that the internet is rife with at the moment with regards to Genshin Impact Kusanali, including her gameplay, release date, weapon, storyline, and more.

But before we go on, spoiler alert! If you are sensitive about spoilers, then this post contains story spoilers, and hence it is suggested to scroll on with caution!

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Genshin Impact Kusanali Leaks

According to miHoYo, the Dendro component of Genshin Impact will be available to the public in a brand-new locale called Sumeru. The Dendro Archon Kusanali, also known as the God of Wisdom, watches over Sumeru, according to the game’s official plot. Additionally, Genshin Impact Kusanali is the youngest of the seven Archons, according to data.

Now, according to reports, Kusanali will soon join the playable roster after Sumeru is made available in the game. Now that is all for the overview, let’s dwell on the specifics below.

Genshin Impact Kusanali Model

First and foremost, we need to know what exactly Kusanali looks like. Well, in this case, a model or render is particularly helpful. And would you know it, we happen to have just that on our hand, thanks to @genshinBLANK.

Now, in the video above, you will see a “microwave render” of the Genshin Impact Kusanali model that will let you have a look-see at this girl from various angles. Granted that this is not the most exciting intro to a character, it does give solid insight into the appearance of Kusanali.

You might have also noticed the Dendro background which represents the fact that she is a Dendro Archon. The tweet also tells us that Kusanali’s official title is Nahida in the game (which has also been confirmed by miHoYo via the new Sumeru teaser).

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Genshin Impact Kusanali release date

Well, we have not received any official word from miHoYo apart from Genshin Impact Kusanali’s teaser. The tweet below, however, has listed the names of characters that will be released in the upcoming patches.

You see Nilou set to release in update 3.1, Genshin Impact Kusanali in update 3.2, and the Wanderer in update 3.3. Only the middle entry concerns us at the moment.

There was some initial confusion regarding Genshin Impact Kusanali’s release date as some suggested update 3.1 and some hinted at the version 3.2 window. This new Genshin leak, however, puts those doubts to rest apparently.

Moving ahead from Genshin Impact Kusanali’s release, leaks have also revealed details on Genshin Kusanali’s weapon and lore.

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Genshin Impact Kusanali Weapon

There was a leak sometime earlier that revealed that Genshin Impact Kusanali would be a Catalyst user. If this leak still holds right now, and there is no reason to assume the opposite given that whatever else it claimed is still accurate today, this would mean the Nahida or Kusanali is a 5-star Dendro Catalyst user.

The tweet above part might confuse some and might appeal a bit to the technical-minded fans as there is a mention of “Loli”.

Well, some characters such as Kusanali and Klee, whose roles are relatively smaller, are labeled as “Loli” in the in-game data. It references their model types. So if you encounter this term anywhere, you’d know what it means now.

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Genshin Impact Kusanali Lore

The official Genshin lore has not revealed much in terms of Kusanali lore, but we have leakers to our rescue.

Dendro Archon Kusanali or should we say Nahida is the youngest Archon in the game. She has succeeded the previous Dendro Archon, who died in the Cataclysm barely 500 years prior. Leaks have suggested that Kusanali will be a familiar face to players because she seems to have an important part in the Traveler’s journey in the new region.

Leaks have also given some insights into Kusanali/Nahida’s past in a long thread of Reddit posts. But if you are too lazy to read, the post narrates how the Dendron Archon aids the Traveler in saving them from an ambush in Sumeru and then discusses Dottore’s strength. She has to take some rest afterward. The story doesn’t end there, though.

The other Reddit post you see below will bring you up to speed with everything about Genshin Impact Kusanali Lore. Again, if you don’t feel very Reddit-y right now, here are the salient points of the post:

  • The Traveler is trapped in a Dream Loop, and Kusanali is the one who can help them.
  • It was only after the last Dendro Archon died that the current one was born.
  • The scholars have taken Kusanali’s Gnosis so she can’t use it anymore.
  • Her abilities include taking possession of people’s minds.
  • There are many among sages that don’t see her as a fit idol.

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You will find some threads of these story features in Genshin Impact 3.0. And given that Nahida is a Dendro Archon, you can expect more Genshin Impact Kusanali lore and plotline leaks in the near future.

However, keep in mind that none of Kusanali’s gameplay abilities have come to light as of yet. If it turns out that she is playable in Genshin Impact 3.2, you can expect this information to be leaked when the 3.2 beta begins.

And with that, we come to the end of all the information we have gained of Genshin Impact Kusanali/Nahida through the datamined leaks. As Genshin Impact update 3.2 approaches, we can be sure to get more details about this character soon.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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