Genshin Impact Waghild: new leaks on Chibi Nurse coming in the future 4.0 updates


As new information about the mysterious Genshin Impact Waghild, affectionately known by fans as the “Chibi Nurse” emerges, fans have become excited about how she may shape the adventures that lie ahead in the future Fontaine updates.

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Genshin Impact Waghild aka Sigewinne will be released later on in Fontaine after the 4.0 update

Genshin Impact, the popular action role-playing game developed by miHoYo, recently experienced one of its biggest leaks to date. Spanning two days from June 19 to 20, over 270 pieces of concept art for playable characters surfaced, revealing exciting prospects for the game’s future.

These leaks provide glimpses into the upcoming Hydro region of Fontaine, the notorious Fatui Harbingers, and a multitude of unknown recruits. While these leaks generate excitement among players, it’s important to note that the content within them is subject to change as they represent concept art and not finalized designs.

One notable character that garnered attention in the leaks is Waghild. In this article, we will delve into the details of this massive leak, exploring the character: Genshin Impact Waghild, her potential roles, and more.

Genshin Impact Waghild aka Chibi Nurse leaks

Among the leaked future characters, players get a more in-depth look at Lyney and Lynette, two characters with a connection to the magical Hexenzirkel due to their witch-themed appearances. Additionally, a plethora of unknown recruits has surfaced, suspected to debut after the launch of the Hydro region of Fontaine.

One of these characters is Genshin Impact Waghild, who may bring further diversity and depth to the game’s roster, adding fresh dynamics to the gameplay experience.

Limited information is available about Waghild, but her leaked 3D model and element provide a glimpse into her character design. Waghild appears to be a child-like character, similar to Klee, Nahida, and Qiqi.

While her role in a party and playable kit remain unknown, her attire, which includes a small hat with a long red ribbon and ornaments like a stethoscope with a heart-shaped object, suggests a potential healer playstyle. Moreover, her physical features, including a pair of ears and a small tail, hint at her unique Rabbit origin.

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Genshin Impact Waghild kit and role

According to leaked information, Genshin Impact Waghild will be a Hydro character wielding the Catalyst weapon type. While her playable kit and specific abilities remain undisclosed, the leaks suggest that she may have a healing role.

However, it is crucial to remember that these details are subject to change, and players should stay updated through official announcements and updates from miHoYo.

Waghild stands out among the leaked characters due to her distinct physical features, representing a different race within the game. Alongside Waghild, characters like Lynette exhibit feline attributes, with cat ears and a tail. These diverse races bring a fascinating element to the world of Genshin Impact, expanding the game’s lore and introducing unique character dynamics.

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When will Genshin Impact Waghild release?

At this point, there is no certain information on Genshin Impact Waghild’s release date. As players eagerly anticipate further news about Waghild and other leaked characters, future data mines, and story developments may provide additional information.

However, considering the confirmed banners for Genshin Impact v4.0, it seems unlikely that Waghild will be released in the initial update for the Fontaine region.

The Massive Fontaine Leak

The scale of the most recent Fontaine leak is unprecedented, surpassing even the previous Sumeru leak that occurred ahead of its launch in July 2022. The Sumeru leak, at the time, was considered one of Genshin Impact’s biggest leaks.

However, the latest wave of Fontaine leaks far exceeds it in terms of the sheer number of leaked concept art pieces. These leaks open up a wealth of possibilities for players, providing insights into the vast cast of characters that may be introduced in the game.

While the leaked concept art offers an inside look at the characters, it is important to remember that these are still concepts and are subject to change. Any character that has not been officially revealed by miHoYo is still a work in progress and may undergo significant alterations from the depictions in the leaked art.

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As players explore the leaked Genshin Impact Waghild art or any other character, it is essential to keep in mind that these characters may evolve and transform as miHoYo refines their designs and gameplay mechanics.

With a focus on the upcoming Hydro region of Fontaine and the notorious Fatui Harbingers, these leaks provide players with a glimpse into the future of the game. However, it is essential to approach these leaks with caution, as the content is subject to change, and the leaked art represents concepts rather than finalized designs.

As players eagerly anticipate official announcements and updates from miHoYo, the leaked characters like Genshin Impact Waghild and the diverse races they represent offer tantalizing possibilities for the evolving world of miHoYo’s RPG.

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