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Honkai Star Rail release date will be announced soon but we already have info about its features, thanks to the Star Rail beta.

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Honkai Star Rail is a free-to-play turn-based RPG, whose release date is not yet announced, but it seems like it would be released soonly. The developers are busy developing the beta version and as per the data revealed so far, Honkai Star Rail will be similar to Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact, as it aims to pair the series’ flashy combat with a strategic twist.

The combat might get have differed from miHoYo’s previous titles. There can be a chance of having similar players in this journey as Honkai: Star Rail is coming up with huge actions and memorable moments. The player can freely control its character through the game’s overworld.

Referring to the trademark filing that miHoYo had registered for Honkai Star, it was enclosed back in August before being revealed to the public in September. And with the Honaki Star Rail presently in development, it can be a short while till something official, sort of a Honaki Star Rail release date will be announced by the developer.

Similar to each game, Honkai Star Rail features a profuseness of playable characters with completely different talent sets, roles, and abilities. Moreover, Honkai Star Rail Gameplay is going to be the most focused and robust purpose of the game. Team comps and strategically employing a character’s abilities will assist players to win fights.

Now since we had an overview of what the Honkai Star Rail game actually is, let’s discuss the details about Honkai Star Rail including:

  • Honkai Star Rail gameplay
  • Honkai Star Rail characters
  • Honkai Star Rail beta
  • Honkai Star Rail sign-up


The footage in the Honkai Star Rail trailer reveals that the game turns into a combat system. The location of the game is a sprawling metropolis that is filled with narrow streets and towering buildings.

The overall look will be known to the fans of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact, as similar to these games, players can twist the enemies with different encounters.


At the time preparing of the list, the devs have informed that there would be 9 Honkai Star Rail characters and one character will be the head of all the remaining.

The nine Honkai Star Rail characters are:

  • Himeko: This character is an adventurous scientist who encounters the Astral Express. After so many years, Himeko repaired the train and starts her journey to the stars.
  • Welt: This character is a very wise and sophisticated former Anti-Entropy Sovereign who inherits the name of the world — Welt. He saves the earth from annihilation time and time again. After a secret plan with St. Fountain ended, Welt had no choice but to venture with the initiator of the incident to the other side of the space portal. He never thought about companions along the journey and new destinations.
  • Dan Heng: This character resembles a young man who holds a spear named Cloud-piercer. He is a guard for the train on its long Trailblaze journey. He never thinks about his past. He does things faithfully.
  • March 7th: This role is played by a girl whose character is very enthusiastic. She was found in a piece of drifting eternal ice and freed by the Astral Express Crew.
  • Gepard: At sometimes he got ridiculed by his sister. With the help of Gepard’s protection, the city can do its daily routine works.
  • Seele: This character belongs to wildfire and is a spirited and valiant member. She has habituated to living on her own. She is ready to face any situation for the truth of the underground and her family.
  • Clara: This character is by a young girl who doesn’t have any home, at last, she joins prospectors to survive. Clara always whiles to have a family.
  • Asta: She is a lead researcher for the space station. She can take on workloads meant for dozens of people with ease, including commanding and maintaining the Space Station. She distributed the work among space station staff in a reasonable manner.
  • Hook: Hook is the boss of The Moles adventure squad.

Honkai Star Rail beta sign-up:

Currently Honkai Star rail beta is not available. Earlier players were enabled to make pre-registration for the game, but now they have changed.

Since the Honaki Star Rail Beta version no longer accepts the registrations, if any player tries a lot and can make registration, they are not guaranteed that they can land a play.

Those trying to have their hand on Honkai: Star Rail early, can merely look forward to another chance to check the upcoming game. Moreover, Honkai Star Rail beta sign-up isn’t a difficult task as well, as fans merely need to head over to the official website and register their interest whenever they settle for new sign-ups.


  • Head over to the official Honkai: Star Rail website.
  • Register using your email address.
  • Check your mail for a beta invite.
  • Follow the instructions outlined in the email and download the beta client.

Honkai Star Rail is a free-to-play turn-based RPG and indeed there is a similarity with the characters compared to miHoYo‘s earlier version.

In this beta version, the players can attack surprisingly enemies with encounters, however, the Honkai Star Rail release date is not yet decided, as the beta version is still updating.

Yet fans of Genshin and Honaki Impact can have great hopes for the game as the developers are indeed working hard to make a game that suits the best interest of the players.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.

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