Honkai Star Rail Luka: skills, eidolons, release date, light cone, and 1.2 leaks


Honkai Star Rail Luka is a boxer who transitioned from the ring to the battlefield after competing in Belebog on Jarilo-VI and will likely debut in the 1.2 banners.

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Star Rail Luka’s skills, eidolons, light cone, and more have been revealed by new 1.2 leaks

When it debuted, the new HoYoverse space fantasy RPG Honkai Star Rail was made accessible on PC and mobile devices, with a PlayStation version in the works. The focus is placed on strategic fighting, exploration, and puzzle-solving in this turn-based role-playing game. The gameplay is beginner-friendly and features a sci-fi atmosphere.

There are more than 20 upcoming characters planned for the game, according to a leak from Honkai: Star Rail. Kafka, Blade, Dan Heng IL, Fu Xuan, Luka, and more forthcoming characters are just a few.

Players are anxiously anticipating the debut of the next group of characters under the Honkai Star Rail 1.2 banners now that version 1.1 is rapidly approaching. Kafka and Blade will join the 1.2 banners, according to sources. But Luka, a different character who is popular online, will also be present in version 1.2.

Based on the material that has leaked, we have assembled all the information we know about Honkai Star Rail Luka, the 4-star Physical character, his skills, eidolons, and light cone.

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Honkai Star Rail Luka

A forthcoming character in Honkai Star Rail named Luka is a member of the Wildfire group.

Luka is a boxer who transitioned from fighting in the ring in Belebog on Jarilo-VI to the battlefield, according to the description of the Light Cone that portrays him and the material on the Honkai Star Rail official Twitter.

We can tell that Luka will be a 4-Star Physical damage dealer from the Path of Nihility based on the character image posted on Honkai: Star Rail’s Weibo account.

In light of this, leaks suggest that Honkai Star Rail Luka, a 4-star character with Physical Element and the Nihility Path, will eventually be playable soon.

Honkai Star Rail Luka Release Date

No information has been released on Luka’s release date, however, theories suggest that he will make his debut under the widely anticipated Version 1.2 banner.

Both Blade and Kafka, according to leakers, will be included in version 1.2. In reality, leaks have divulged information about the placement of the banners. Blade will be introduced in Phase 1 of the 1.2 banners, and Kafka and Luka will be introduced in Phase 2, according to Dimbreath.

No, HoYoverse has not yet made the 1.2 release date public. However, the release of Version 1.2 is possible in July 2023, as Version 1.1 is anticipated to go live around June 7.

July 19, 2023, is our best bet for the possible Honkai Star Rail 1.2 release date.

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Honkai Star Rail Luka Voice Actor and Lore

Star Rail Luka voice actor

The Japanese voice actor for Luka will be a singer and artist from the Osaka Prefecture named Gakuto Kajiwara.

The roles of Asta in Black Clover, Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force, and Hitohito Tadano in Komi Can’t Communicate are among his most recognized voice roles.

According to Gakuto Kajiwara, he enjoyed watching the anime series Dragon Ball while it was being rebroadcast when he was in elementary school. He added that it had caused him to have a deep interest in manga and anime.

He was cast as Asta, the lead character, in the well-known anime series Black Clover in 2017.

Ced from Fire Emblem Heroes, Gesell from Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Hero from Monark, and other well-known characters are only a few of his well-known roles in the video game industry.

Star Rail Luka lore

Although we don’t know much about Luka’s lore, we do know that he is a fighter with a mechanical arm who is upbeat and cheerful. He is an expert in mixed martial arts and a part of the Wildfire.

Luka uses his might to defend the Underworld residents as he transitions from the ring to the field of combat and from a fighter to a warrior. Because he has personally experienced despair, he wants to give others hope.

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Honkai Star Rail Luka Abilities

Although HoYoverse has not made Luka’s skills public, leakers have disclosed details about them, giving Trailblazers a sneak peek at his style of play.

As with any leak, Honkai Star Rail Luka’s abilities could alter before his official release date. However, they are all stated below.

Star Rail Luka Basic Attack

Deals ?% of Luka’s ATK as Physical DMG to a target enemy.

Star Rail Luka Skill

Deals Physical DMG equal to ?% of Luka’s ATK to a target enemy, followed by ?% of probability of putting the target into a laceration state for ? rounds. In the laceration state, at the beginning of each turn, the enemy target suffers continuous Physical DMG equal to its own max HP and up to ?% of Luka’s ATK.

Star Rail Luka Ultimate

Gain ? stacks of [Fighting Spirit], and have a probability of ?% to increase the damage dealt to the target by ?%, which lasts for ? rounds, and then deals physical damage equal to Luka’s ?% ATK to the target.

Star Rail Luka Talent

After Luka casts basic attack and skills, he will get a stack of [Fighting Spirit] can hold up to 4 stacks of [Fighting Spirit]. When the held [Fighting Spirit] is greater than or equal to 2 stacks, the normal attack becomes a strengthened normal attack. When the strengthened normal attack [Shattering Fist] hits an enemy target in the state of laceration, the current laceration state will immediately deal 1 DMG equal to ?% of the original DMG. At the beginning of the battle, Luka gets 1 stack of [Fighting Spirti].

Star Rail Luka Technique

Attack the enemy immediately. After entering the battle, it will cause Physical DMG equal to ?% of Luka’s ATK to a random single enemy, and has ?% of probability of putting the target into a state of laceration. The target in the state of laceration receives Physical DMG equal to ?% of its own max HP at the beginning of each turn, up to a maximum of ?% of Luka’s ATK for ? turns. Luka then gains 1 extra stack of [Fighting Spirit].

Star Rail Luka Enhanced Basic Attack

Consuming 2 stacks of [Fighting Spirit], first use [Straight Punch] to cast 3 attacks, each of which deals Physical DMG equal to ?% of Luka’s ATK to a target enemy. Then use [Shattering Fist] to cast 1 attack that deals Physical DMG equal to ?% of Luka’s ATK to a target enemy.

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Honkai Star Rail Luka Eidolons

Leaks have not only exposed skills but also Honkai Star Rail Luka Eidolons.

Eidolon 1

When hitting an enemy target in a Laceration state, Luka deals ?% more DMG for ? turns.

Eidolon 2

If the enemy hit by Luka’s Skill has Physical Weakness, gains 1 stack of [Fighting Spirit].

Eidolon 3

Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of 15.

Eidolon 4

For every stack of [Fighting Spirit] Luka possesses, increases his ATK% by ?%, this effect can stack up to ? times.

Eidolon 5

Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of 15. Basic Attack Lv. +1, up to a maximum of 10.

Eidolon 6

When the [Shattering Fist] that casts the Enhanced Basic hits an enemy target in a laceration state, every time the [Straight Punch] used in this Enhanced Basic Attack casts 1 attack, an additional damage equivalent to ?% of the original damage will be immediately generated by the current laceration state.

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Honkai Star Rail Luka Light Cone

Star Rail Luka will also have a signature light cone, like other characters. In addition, we are aware of Luka’s light cone ability and his weapon’s name: Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat.

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Luka’s signature light cone: Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat

Light Cone of The Nihility Path – Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat has a rating of four stars.

Luka Lightcone skill:

When the wearer hits an enemy and if the hit enemy is not already Ensnared, then there is a 100% base chance to Ensnare the hit enemy. Ensnared enemies’ DEF decreases by 16% for 1 turn(s).

Also, the following has been revealed about Luka’s Traces:

Trace 1: When casting a combat skill, immediately remove ? buffs from the enemy target.

Trace 2: For every 1 stack of [Fighting Spirit], restores ? additional energy for Luka.

Trace 3: When casting a Enhanced Basic Attack, each 1-stage attack of [Shattering Fist] has a ?% fixed probability of allowing Luka to cast an additional 1 attack. This effect is not counted as a follow-up attack.

This brings us to the end of our discussion on the upcoming character, Honkai Star Rail Luka. Players should use caution while dealing with these leaks, as well as any leaks until miHoYo formally publishes any information.

We will keep you updated with new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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