Honkai Star Rail Lynx: new support character for future 1.3 banner leaked


With Honkai Star Rail Lynx, get ready to embrace cosmic energy and unleash the full potential of your team with a new support character.

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Honkai Star Rail Lynx will be a new support character, according to leaks

Following the anticipated introduction of Luocha and Yukong, the sci-fi HoYoverse RPG already has a sizeable playable roster of 26 characters, and further characters are expected to be included in upcoming updates. And a recent leak from Honkai: Star Rail has unveiled details about an upcoming support character named Lynx.

With the game’s expanding roster, Lynx is set to bring her healing abilities to the team and add to the already diverse lineup of characters. Although an official release date for Lynx has not been announced, players can get an early look at her gameplay kit through the leaked information.

Honkai Star Rail Lynx: The Snow Explorer

According to the renowned Genshin Impact leaker, Mero, Lynx is the youngest sister of the Landau family and a snow explorer from Belobog Horizonte.

Known for her calm personality and strong initiative, she often embarks on solo expeditions to the snowfields. As a member of the Abundance Path, Lynx will fulfill a support role within the game, assisting her team with her healing abilities.

Honkai Star Rail Lynx Abilities

A recent leak has provided insight into Star Rail Lynx’s abilities, offering players a glimpse of how she will perform when she is released. Here are the details of Lynx’s leaked abilities:

Star Rail Lynx Basic Attack: Ice Axe Climbing Technique

Deals Quantum DMG to a single target based on a percentage of Lynx’s Max HP.

Star Rail Lynx Skill: Salted Camping Can

Removes one negative effect from a designated ally and restores their health. The amount healed is based on a percentage of Lynx’s Max HP plus a fixed amount.

Star Rail Lynx Ultimate: Snowfield Emergency Plan

Removes one negative effect from all allies and immediately restores their health. Additionally, all allies receive health restoration at the start of each turn for one turn.

Star Rail Lynx Talent: Outdoor Survival Experience

Lynx can restore energy when removing a negative effect from an ally.

Star Rail Lynx Technique: Chocolate Energy Bat

Immediately restores the health of all allies based on a percentage of Lynx’s Max HP.

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Honkai Star Rail Lynx Eidolons

The leaked information also provides details about Star Rail Lynx’s Eidolons, although specific numbers are missing.

Here are the leaked details regarding the Eidolons:

Level 1 – Trekking with Ski Poles during Dawn: Increases healing amount by a certain percentage when healing an ally with Excitement. This effect also applies to healing over time effects.

Level 2 – Noontide’s Portable Stove: Extends the healing over time effect from Talent by a certain number of turns.

Level 3 – Afternoon’s Avalanche Beacon: Increases Skill level and Basic ATK level.

Level 4 – Bonfire Camping at Dusk: When an ally with Excitement is hit, their attack increases based on a percentage of Lynx’s Max HP for a certain duration.

Level 5 – Aurora Red Tea at Evening: Increases Ultimate and Talent levels.

Level 6 – Cartography at Twilight: The ally with Excitement gains an increase in Max HP based on a percentage of Lynx’s Max HP and also receives an Effect Res boost.

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Honkai Star Rail Lynx Release Date

HoYoverse is yet to announce the exact release date for Lynx. However, since the character’s splash art has officially been revealed, it is now believed that Lynx will be made available together with Fu Xuan in the Honkai Star Rail 1.3 banner.

What do we know about Honkai Star Rail Lynx?

Lynx is the youngest sister of the Landau family and one of Belobog’s top explorers of difficult regions, according to an official Tweet from HoYoverse. She has a relaxed demeanor and a lot of initiative, frequently going on her own to the snowfields. Also, Lynx follows the Abundance path and is a 4-star Quantum character, hence she will play a support role in the game.

It is speculated that Lynx may originate from Jarilo-IV, a world within the game that is predominantly covered in ice. Players can anticipate a visually appealing and thematically fitting character when Lynx is officially unveiled.

Lynx’s addition to Honkai: Star Rail as a new Abundance character will address the game’s need for more healers. The healing-focused class has been under-represented in the game so far, and Lynx’s arrival will provide players with additional options for team composition and strategy. With her life-saving heals Lynx is expected to make a significant impact on the gameplay experience and offer valuable support to her teammates.

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While the official release date for Lynx is yet to be announced, players can look forward to the upcoming update that will introduce this new support character to the world of Honkai: Star Rail. Stay tuned for more information from HoYoverse regarding Star Rail Lynx’s release and the exciting gameplay possibilities she brings to the game.

Who is Lynx in Honkai: Star Rail and what is her role within the game?

Lynx is the youngest sister of the Landau family and a snow explorer from Belobog Horizonte. In the game, she fulfills a support role, assisting her team with her healing abilities.

What are the abilities of Lynx in Honkai: Star Rail?

Lynx’s leaked abilities include the Ice Axe Climbing Technique as her basic attack, the Salted Camping Can skill for removing negative effects and restoring health to allies, the Snowfield Emergency Plan ultimate for removing negative effects from all allies and providing health restoration, the Outdoor Survival Experience talent for energy restoration, and the Chocolate Energy Bat technique for immediate health restoration to all allies.

What do we know about Lynx’s Eidolons in Honkai: Star Rail?

The leaked information about Lynx’s Eidolons reveals various effects and boosts at different levels, such as increased healing amount, extended healing over time effect, increased skill and basic attack levels, attack increase for allies, increased ultimate and talent levels, and HP boost and effect resistance for the ally with Excitement.

What is Lynx’s origin and appearance in Honkai: Star Rail?

Lynx is the youngest sister of the Landau family and one of Belobog’s top explorers of difficult regions, according to an official Tweet from HoYoverse. She has a relaxed demeanor and a lot of initiative, frequently going on her own to the snowfields.

What is Lynx’s release date in Honkai: Star Rail?

Unfortunately, Lynx still lacks an official release date, however, she might appear alongside Fu Xuan in HSR 1.3 banner. Therefore, Trailblazers must be patient while they wait for HoYoverse to provide more information in the future.

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