Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo – spawn location, how to beat, more


Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo is one of the strongest field bosses, and will probably give hard time to the players.

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Recently released, Lost Ark has already become a hot topic among gamers because of its amazing gameplay and realistic graphics. In Europe and America, the game was launched on the 11th of February this year, however, the game was already released in South Korea a while ago on the 4th of December, 2019.

Lost Ark is a multiplayer online action video game that is co-developed by two-game developing companies, Smilegate as well as Tripod Studio. The game has gotten really great reviews from gamers all around as the game has already become the second most played game on steam.

Gamers are really enjoying playing the game and fighting with the bosses. One such highly popular field boss in the game is Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo. This character is one of the most fearsome as well as a strong opponents to beat in the game, making it really hard to pass him.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various things that you should know about the Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo including his spawn location, and ways to beat him down.

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Who is Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark?

Chaotic Chuo is one of the strongest field bosses in Lost Ark. It is a lion highly inspired by Chinese nature, and has a great taste for human blood, hence, making it extremely important to kill it. Chaotic Chuo is generally found in the bowels of the Lost Ark Universe.

He waits there until an enemy jumps in front of him. Moreover, beating this strong boss, Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo rewards you with a wealth of treasure.

According to the description of Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo by popular gaming news informer, Inven Global, “ The sacred creature that protected the peace of Anikka and prevented disasters since ancient times. It was devoured by the evil energy that it tried to fight off”. Moreover, the field boss, Chaotic Chuo holds the power of a regular Chuo but has some power upgrades along with a few frightening twists.

What are Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo abilities?

The field boss, Chaotic Chuo is a strong boss to defeat as it has some mind-blowing abilities which make its opponents sweat.

• On jumping, Chaotic Chuo does some damage of moderate level on the surface as well it also pushes away the player.

• once charged up, Chaotic Chuo can fire six energy balls that cause damage of moderate level.

• It also jumps and throws spikes on the ground near him. This can lead to the instant death of any player who is around him under is spike range.

• Another attack of Chuo that can cause heavy damage is the exploding purple portals. He can rear up and create four purple portals and when he reached back to all those four portals, they explode.

• It also has a straight beam attack on being charged that destroys anything in his path.

• It can cause damage to a player by his energy blast from the conical area created by itself.

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Where to find Chaotic Chuo? – Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo spawning location and rate

During the Raid event for a limited time, the Chaotic Chuo is highly likely to be found in the Melody Forest, more precisely, in the heart of the spring of Echoes. The limited-time Raid event happens every two or three days and can be accessed easily.

The field boss, Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo has a Respawn time of a long period once after being defeated.

How to defeat Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo?

You or your Lost Ark character can only beat the field boss, Chaotic Chuo, if your item level is high enough for the boss, the unconfirmed item level by some of the gamers is above 380.

In order to take on the Chaotic Chuo in the first place, you’ll need to make sure that your item level is high enough. Another important thing to take care of before fighting the main Chaotic Chuo is to defeat the regular Chuo in the game. Only after defeating the regular ones, you will be able to fight and defeat or even fight the main, the Chaotic Chuo.

But before that, you will not be able to even attack this massive field boss. Hence, taking care of all these things will only help you in defeating the monstrous field boss, Chaotic Chuo.

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What are the rewards that you get for defeating Chaotic Chuo?

Defeating the Chaotic Chuo is really a hard task but this task comes up with great rewards. On defeating him, your player will have access to the Adventurer’s objectives as well as its rewards. Moreover, you will get high-level items.

Clearly, these all rewards surely make it worth facing this monstrous field boss, Chaotic Chuo.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.


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