How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft 1.20: New Minecraft Guide


Explore the amazing world of Minecraft and use our detailed guide to discover how to breed turtles, catch sea turtles, and make turtle shells in the 1.20 update.

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How To Breed Turtles in Minecraft 1.20 update

Do you know how to breed turtles in Minecraft? No! don’t worry then.

Breeders and adventurers in Minecraft know that animals are a valuable resource for obtaining unique items through loot drops. However, when it comes to Turtles, players must take a different approach.

In order to unlock the rewards that Turtles offer, a longer process is required. This involves ensuring the safety of these creatures, facilitating their breeding, and nurturing their offspring to ensure their healthy growth. In this article, we will explore how to breed Turtles in Minecraft, allowing players to maximize their potential and reap the benefits of these fascinating creatures.

How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft?

While playing the game, a question always arises in the mind of how to breed turtles in Minecraft. Well, breeding turtles in Minecraft involves bringing two turtles together and feeding them seagrass to trigger love mode. 

One of the turtles will become pregnant and attempt to return to their home beach, where they first spawned, to lay eggs. Each clutch of eggs contains 1-4 eggs, which take 4-5 days to hatch. 

To ensure successful hatching, the eggs must be placed on a sand or red sand block above water level. However, the eggs are vulnerable to destruction from players or mobs walking over them. 

Using a tool enchanted with Silk Touch allows players to relocate and protect the eggs, as well as reset the turtles’ home beach for future breeding. This enables the turtles to lay their eggs where they relocated once hatched.

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How to Find and Catch Sea Turtles?

Sea Turtles in Minecraft can be discovered in beach biomes, either swimming in the ocean or walking on the sand. Although they cannot be leashed and taken to your base, they can be enticed back. 

Holding seagrass will attract the turtles, causing them to follow you. If your base is far from the beach, you can transport the turtles in boats or minecarts for convenience and efficiency. This allows you to bring them to your desired location for breeding and conservation.

Sea Turtle Rewards

In Minecraft, breeding sea turtles is the primary method to obtain scute. As baby turtles hatch and mature into adults, they naturally drop scute without the need for killing them. By ensuring a sufficient number of turtles lay eggs and nurturing the hatchlings to adulthood, scute farming becomes straightforward. 

Scutes are valuable for trading with cleric and leatherworker villagers and are essential for obtaining a turtle shell. If a turtle shell becomes damaged, the only way to repair it is by combining it with a scute using an anvil.

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How to Make a Turtle Shell?

To craft a turtle shell in Minecraft, gather 5 scutes. It can only be obtained by breeding turtles, safeguarding the eggs, waiting for them to hatch, and nurturing the baby turtles to maturity. Arrange them in the given pattern below:

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Steps to Make Turtle Shell in Minecraft

Uses of Turtle Shell in Minecraft

Turtle shells in Minecraft have a valuable perk: they provide the Water Breathing status, granting an extra 10 seconds of underwater breathing time. However, there are trade-offs. Wearing a turtle shell means sacrificing a helmet slot and missing out on helmet enchantments like Aqua Affinity and Respiration, which aid in underwater exploration. 

Nevertheless, the turtle shell provides the same defensive points as gold, chainmail, and iron helmets, making it useful for combat. Its true strength lies in aiding underwater exploration, allowing players to navigate underwater caverns and uncover hidden areas with ease. 

So, while it has drawbacks, the turtle shell remains a valuable tool in specific situations.

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In conclusion, Breeding turtles in Minecraft requires players to follow a detailed process of facilitating their breeding, protecting the eggs, and nurturing the baby turtles. By providing the necessary conditions and using Silk Touch tools, players can successfully breed turtles and obtain valuable rewards such as scute and turtle shells.

While wearing a turtle shell has its limitations, such as replacing a helmet slot and missing out on certain enchantments, it grants the Water Breathing status and offers defensive capabilities. The turtle shell proves indispensable for underwater exploration and combat, making it a valuable tool in specific situations in the game.

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