Palworld Cattiva: Easy guide on capturing Cattiva and crafting Pal Sphere


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Palworld Cattiva: Guide on capturing Cattiva and crafting Pal Sphere

Survival in Palworld is a matter of being skilled in many affairs. One of them is the art of capturing elusive creatures like Cattiva. This Pal has versatile skills and is a valuable addition to your team. However, capturing it requires strategy and precision. This guide provides a straightforward approach to catching Palworld Cattiva effortlessly.

Ways Of Capturing Palworld Cattiva

Cattiva possesses a nimble nature. It swiftly runs away when it is approached. To overcome this challenge, you can use the following strategy:

  1. Isolate Cattiva: Identify a lone Palworld Cattiva away from its companions. Attempting to capture one in a group may trigger aggression.
  2. Chase into a Corner: Drive the Cattiva into a corner, such as a wall or a blockade. This restricts its movement and sets the stage for capture.
  3. Land Swift Attacks: While cornered, unleash a few quick attacks using your weapon. This weakens the Cattiva and prepares it for capture.
  4. Capture with Pal Sphere: Once weakened and cornered, swiftly throw your Pal Sphere by pressing RB on the controller (or Q on PC). The well-timed throw captures the Cattiva effectively.
Palworld, Palworld Cattiva, how to capture Cattiva in Palworld, how to craft Pal Sphere in Palworld, Cattiva in Palworld

Making the Pal Sphere in Palworld

Having a Pal Sphere at your disposal is important for a successful capture of Palworld Cattiva. Follow these steps to craft your Pal Sphere:

  1. Build Primitive Workbench: Construct a Primitive Workbench using x2 Wood. This serves as the crafting hub for essential tools.
  2. Gather Crafting Materials: Collect 3x Wood, 3x Stone, and 1x Paldium Fragment. These materials are necessary for crafting the Pal Sphere.
  3. Craft the Pal Sphere: Utilize the Primitive Workbench to craft the Pal Sphere by combining the gathered materials.
  4. Ready for Capture: With the Pal Sphere in hand, you are now prepared to capture elusive Pals like Cattiva.

Successfully capturing a Palworld Cattiva yields rewards like Red Berries. These berries are commonly found near your starting location, providing a convenient resource for Palworld missions and challenges. Cattiva is a tricky Pal to catch in Palworld. If you manage to lay your hands on one, that means you are doing something write.

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