Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant: How to Defeat the FF16 Boss and its Rewards


To defeat Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant and win this exciting battle, we will examine efficient strategies and tactics in the guide below.

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A guide on how to defeat Shiva’s Dominant in Final Fantasy 16

As you progress through Final Fantasy 16 (FF16), you will encounter various challenging bosses, including Shiva’s Dominant.

In the quest “A Chance Encounter,” Shiva’s Dominant appears as a formidable opponent with icy powers and a formidable moveset. To help you overcome this boss, we have compiled the best strategies, attack counters, and information about its location, quest appearance, spoils, and drops.

Read on to discover how to defeat Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant.

Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant Overview

Before getting into the details, let’s get to know what we know about Shiva’s Dominant boss in Final Fantasy 16.

After revisiting the past in FF16, Clive Rosfield and the elite squad find themselves facing off against Shiva’s Dominant. Due to Shiva’s recent battle with Titan, she is unable to prime or summon her Eikon.

Seizing this opportunity, the squad attempts to defeat Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant in her human form. However, they are met with a challenging battle as Shiva’s icy moveset and powers pose a formidable threat.

  • Level: 10
  • Appearance: In A Chance Encounter Quest
  • Location & Region: The Nysa Defile, Dhalmekian Republic
  • Drops:
    • Frozen Tear
    • Potion
    • High Potion
    • Steelsilk
  • Abilities: Blizzaga

In the following Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant guide, we will provide you with the best strategies and tips to conquer this boss. So, let’s delve into how to beat Shiva’s Dominant in Final Fantasy 16.

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How to Beat Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant

Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant may not transform into an Eikon, but she puts up a formidable fight even in her weakened state. Armed with only a sword, she proves to be a worthy adversary for Clive Rosfield and his elite squad. To defeat both phases of Shiva’s Dominant, follow the strategies outlined below:

Phase One of Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant

Shiva’s Dominant will begin ranged attacks against you rather than immediately engaging in close-quarters combat. She will deploy ice-based attacks to freeze you as you get closer to her. During this phase, pay attention to Shiva’s Dominant attack patterns, movements, and counters to defeat her:

  • Shiva’s Dominant can summon large blocks of ice that deal area-of-effect (AoE) damage when she raises her arm. To counter this attack, quickly move out of the way as soon as the ground freezes with ice.
  • She has the ability to launch ice-crystal bullets against you. She charges this attack slowly, so you have plenty of time to avoid it by dodging the projectiles.
  • When she begins to float through the air, be careful because she can suddenly lunge at you. The swiftest of her moves is this strike. Use Precision Dodge or sideways Dodge to successfully avoid it to counter it.
  • Get to Shiva’s Dominant with Eikonic Strikes and Punishment. Once she is stunned, use a barrage of combinations and magic bursts to increase the damage caused by the stagger.

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Phase Two of Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant

Once you clear the above phase, she will employ Blizzaga to summon larger ice blocks. During this phase, her moves and attacks will be quicker and more lethal. Similar to the first phase, your objective is to find openings and stagger her. Consider the following attack patterns, moves, and their counters for the second phase:

  • Shiva’s Dominant can summon icy blocks to almost completely fill the arena before she uses Blizzaga. You’ll see there’s a lot of ice on the ground before she makes this move.
  • To avoid her strike and position yourself for a counterattack, move to regions that aren’t covered in ice.
  • Close the gap and immediately launch an Ability chain when she has finished her attack.
  • Prioritise Precision Dodges and counters throughout this phase. In order to gain the upper hand against the Dominant, you can also slow time by parrying her attacks.
  • Utilize Phoenix Shift and Scarlet Cyclone to stagger Shiva’s Dominant.
  • Avoid confronting the Dominant when she attacks and charges. Instead, after she launches the attack, take the chance to hit her with your most potent skills and combinations.

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Rewards for defeating Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant

After successfully defeating Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 48 Experience
  • 200 Gil
  • 10 Steelsilk
  • 2 Frozen Tears
  • 4 Potions
  • 3 High Potions

That concludes our guide on how to beat Shiva’s Dominant in Final Fantasy 16. Arm yourself with these strategies, hone your combat skills, and face the challenge head-on. Good luck, and may your journey through FF16 be filled with victory and adventure!

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