Starfield Scanner: Easy guide to find Distortions using Scanner


If you’re having trouble finding anomalies on the planet you land on, this guide will help you do it easily using the Starfield Scanner to find Distortions.

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Starfield Scanner: Easy guide to find Distortions using Scanner

Starfield is all about exploring space and discovering new planets. In this game, you have a special tool called the Starfield Scanner that helps you find things on planets. One important thing it does is find anomalies, which are like special things you can discover. You can find them by looking at the Scanner and following the strange patterns it shows you.

If you’re having trouble finding anomalies on the planet you land on, this guide will help you do it easily using the Starfield Scanner to find Distortions.

Using Starfield Scanner to Locate an Anomaly or Distortions

As you play Starfield, you’ll soon get a quest called “Into the Unknown.” Vladimir, a character at The Eye station on Jemison’s orbit, will give you this quest. It’s a bit of a lengthy quest, but it helps you discover more about Artifacts and teaches you how to use your Starfield Scanner to find Distortions.

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Vladimir teaches you how to use your Scanner to find Distortions.

Once you find two Artifacts in the game, you’ll have to deal with a Starfield Scanner Anomaly. When you reach the spot where this happens, you’ll get a task to follow something called “Distortions” on your Scanner. This part can be a bit tricky, so be careful.

To use your Starfield Scanner, press the ‘F‘ key or ‘LB‘ button. Look around slowly until you see a weird circle thing on the Scanner. It can be easy to miss, so take your time turning around. Then, follow these “Distortions” on the Scanner to move forward in the “Into the Unknown” quest in Starfield.

After you’ve traveled a certain distance, the place that’s causing these weird things on your Starfield Scanner will be marked with a special marker. This means you don’t have to keep using your Scanner all the time to find your way to the temple or wherever you’re going.

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Using the Scanner to find Distortions in temples is useful multiple times. These Distortions can lead you to discover alien buildings and strange things that might boost your abilities. Also, finding these unusual things will make your Survey task quicker.

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