Starfield Houses: List of all 8 houses and easy ways to buy them


If you are looking for ways to get a Starfield house, we are here for you. Listed below are all 8 houses in Starfield along with simple ways to purchase them.

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Starfield Houses: List of all 8 houses and easy ways to buy them

In Starfield, you can find various homes to make your own, whether it’s a basic sleep crate or a fancy penthouse. Owning a home is great because you can customize and decorate it however you like. To become a homeowner in the game, you have different options and a buying process to follow.

This Starfield House guide will help you understand how to get a house in Starfield, including your choices for homes and what steps to take to secure your place to live. Also, we will talk about all the Starfield properties available in the game.

What is a Starfield House?

In Starfield, houses are like safe places for players. Some are in big settlements, so you can feel like you’re living in a space colony. You can sleep in your house and keep your important stuff there. It’s kind of like houses in other Bethesda games, like Fallout 4.

You can make your Starfield house look awesome by putting furniture and cool stuff on tables, shelves, and more. To do this, use the in-house editor, which is usually near the front door of your house. It’s the only way to decorate your place in the game.

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Starfield houses are like safe places for players.

List of All Starfield Properties

There are a total of 8 Starfield houses and a few additional ones that are unlocked through quests. These homes are found in places like New Atlantis, Akila City, Nesoi, and Neon, giving players diverse options to choose from.

  • The Wells Apartment in New Atlantis: 30,000 Credits.
  • The Sky Suite in Neon: 235,000 Credits
  • Sleepcrate in Neon: 6,500 Credits.
  • New Atlantis Penthouse: Reward for completing the United Colonies Faction Storyline
  • Dream Home in Nesoi:125,000 Credits
  • Core Manor in Akila City: 78,000 Credits
  • Stretch Apartment in Akila City: 45,000 Credits
  • Parents’ House in New Atlantis: Choose Kid Stuff trait and follow the main questline

Remember: In Starfield, your spaceship is like your second home in space. You can customize it by changing its colors and interiors using preset modules. These changes not only make your ship look different but also improve how it works and what it can do.

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In Starfield, your spaceship is like your second home in space and there are a total of 8 Starfield houses.

Different Ways to Buy Starfield House

To buy a home in Starfield, you need to save enough in-game money, called credits, and talk to the right NPC who handles the property. Prices for homes vary a lot, starting at 6,500 credits for a basic Sleepcrate in Neon and going up to 235,000 credits for a fancy penthouse in the same area.

For example, if you want the Neon penthouse, you’ll talk to Boone at the Astral Lounge. In Akila City, you’ll chat with Ngodup Tate for Core Manor or The Stretch Apartment.

But if you fancy a Starfield House in New Atlantis, there’s an extra step. You must complete missions for the United Colonies faction and become a citizen first. Then, you can talk to the real estate agent at Aphelion Realty to buy the Well Apartment for 30,000 credits.

You can own more than one Starfield house in the game if you have enough credits.

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