Free Starfield Ships: Stats and ways to get all 7 free Starfield ships


Use our Free Starfield Ships guide to learn all the stats and ways to get the Starfield free ships, like Frontier and Starborn Guardian.

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Free Starfield Ships: Stats and ways to get all 7 free Starfield ships

The Starfield ships play a pivotal role in exploring and navigating the vast universe of Starfield before you take flight. Before setting off, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their functions. You have the option to own multiple Starfield ships, which serve as your primary mode of travel between planets and stars while you embark on quests. These ships are customizable, allowing you to tailor them for various tasks by using different components and assigning crew members.

Acquiring additional Starfield ships can be done through several means. You can purchase them at spaceports on various planets and Starfield cities you visit. You have the option to acquire them through less conventional means, such as theft. Alternatively, they can also be obtained for free by completing quests and achieving milestones.

Free Starfield Ships

There are a total of seven free Starfield ships that you can add to your collection. The name and stats of these free Starfield Ships are:

  • Frontier – 50 Fuel, 366 Hull, 450 Cargo, 2 Crew, 310 Shield
  • Kepler R – 2800 Fuel, 999 Hull, 3905 Cargo Capacity, 6 Crew, 1127 Shield
  • Kepler S – 400 Fuel, 689 Hull, 3520 Cargo Capacity, 3 Crew, 798 Shield
  • Razorleaf – 140 Fuel, 469 Hull, 420 Cargo, 2 Crew, 390 Shield
  • Star Eagle – 140 Fuel, 948 Hull, 2736 Cargo, 5 Crew, 760 Shield
  • Starborn Guardian – 1500 Fuel, 649 Hull, 950 Cargo, 5 Crew, 630 Shield
  • UC Prison Ship – 200 Fuel, 418 Hull, 1308 Cargo, 1 Crew, 0 Shield
  • Wanderwell – 200 Fuel, 503 Hull, 880 Cargo, 2 Crew, 445 Shield
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Below we have talked about them all and the ways on how you can obtain each of them.


The Frontier is your first free Starfield ship, provided right at the start of your space adventure. While it may not be the most advanced, it serves as a versatile option in the early stages of the game. However, if you plan on using it extensively, it’s recommended to upgrade almost every aspect of it.

Kepler R / Kepler S

If you chat with everyone, complete the transport and bounty missions, and then persuade everyone to make a deal, you’ll acquire the Kepler R ship. If you talk to everyone, complete one of the two tasks, and then persuade everyone to make a compromise or guide them through meditation, you will be able to obtain Kepler S.


To obtain the Razorleaf, make your way to the Nova Galactic Staryard. Once there, you’ll come across Spacers who will provide you with a Secret Outpost note. This item will trigger the Mantis side quest. Following this, head to the Denebola system for the main quest. After engaging in several skirmishes with the adversaries, you’ll find yourself in a room with multiple corpses. By solving the puzzles, you’ll bypass the turrets and ultimately encounter this Starfield ship, Razorleaf.

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Frontier is your first free Starfield ship, given at the beginning of the game.

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Star Eagle

The Star Eagle Ship can be acquired by successfully completing the final mission of the Freestar Rangers, known as ‘The Hammer Falls.’ To join the Freestar Rangers, head to Akila City and The Rock in the city center. This involves completing the ‘Job Gone Wrong‘ mission, which revolves around resolving a bank robbery. Your reward for this undertaking is one of the top-tier ships in the game.

Starborn Guardian

In New Game Plus, players can unlock the exclusive Starborn Guardian, a class A ship characterized by its exceptional speed and the ability to grav jump up to 30 light years away. This ship boasts two distinctive weapons: the Solar Flare Beam and the Gravity Torpedo. With an impressive cargo capacity of 950 and a robust hull rating of 649, it stands out as one of the finest ships in the game. What’s more, each subsequent New Game Plus playthrough grants you an upgraded version of the Starborn Guardian. Notably, its design is unique and cannot be replicated using the in-game shipbuilder.

UC Prison Shuttle

While not the most impressive Starfield ship, acquiring the UC Prison Shuttle may be appealing for collectors. You can obtain it by getting apprehended after committing a crime in New Atlantis. Upon capture, the military office will assign you a task involving infiltrating the Crimson Fleet. After completing a series of quests, you’ll progress to the quest “Echoes of the Past,” where you’ll need to escape from prison, utilizing the UC Prison Shuttle for your getaway.

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Wanderwell is a free Starfield ship accessible to players who choose the trait ‘Kid Stuff’ during character creation. Completing a series of side quests in New Atlantis will prompt a notification stating, “Dad wants to talk with you.” This will lead you to your parents’ house in New Atlantis, where the ship is located.

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