AC Mirage The Hidden Ones Sword: Easy guide to get the weapon


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AC Mirage The Hidden Ones Sword: Easy guide to get the weapon

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you’ll use secret weapons and daggers for quick attacks while completing missions.

The game offers ten different swords and daggers to play with. The Hidden One’s Sword is super cool because it represents the Brotherhood, once known as the Hidden Ones. Basim, an Assassin, started his journey with them. So, use our guide and learn how to this famous The Hidden Ones Sword in AC Mirage.

How To Get The Hidden Ones Sword in AC Mirage?

The Hidden Ones Sword is a powerful weapon in the game AC Mirage, with high damage and defensive capabilities. It can also poison your enemies with quick strikes.

To obtain this special weapon, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Buy the Map: After finishing the AC Mirage’s Prologue, you’ll enter the Desert before reaching Baghdad. It’s a long journey, and you might get lost in the vast Desert. To find the Hidden Sword, purchase maps from Cartographers and follow the marked path.
  • Visit the Abandoned Caravanserai: Ride your Camel to the West region of the Abandoned Caravanserai. When you get there, be ready for some combat. Use Daggers for lightly armored guards and Swords for heavily armored ones guarding the Gear Chest.
  • Open the Gear Chest: Defeat all the enemies, and then quickly approach the locked door. Use explosives to open the door with the Gold Gear Chest. Inside, you’ll find The Hidden Sword.

Remember to upgrade the Hidden Sword regularly to make it even more deadly in battles. This is how you can acquire The Hidden Sword in AC Mirage.

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