How To Swiftly Pass Time in Palworld: Easy Guide on Changing Night to Day


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How To Swiftly Pass Time in Palworld: Easy Guide on Changing Night to Day

Palworld offers two different phases: day and night. Some prefer one and some prefer the other. If you prefer the productivity of daytime activities and wish to swiftly transition from night to morning in the game’s day-night cycle, you’ll need to know how to pass time in Palworld. Here’s a guide to help you accomplish this.

How To Swiftly Pass Time in Palworld: Guide on Changing Night To Day

Construct a Shoddy Bed

To pass time quickly and bring daylight upon your adventures, your first step is to construct a Shoddy Bed. This handy item serves as your ticket to skipping through the night. Here’s what you need:

  1. Gather Resources:
    • Collect x20 Wood, x5 Fiber, and x1 Wool to proceed with building your Shoddy Bed.
  2. Harvesting Wood and Fiber:
    • Utilize a Wooden Club or a Stone Axe to efficiently gather Wood and Fiber by attacking nearby trees.
  3. Obtaining Wool:
    • Wool can be acquired by attacking Lamballs, Cremis, or Melpaca. Engage these Pals to collect the essential Wool for your bed.
  4. Unlock the Shoddy Bed:
    • Open your Technology tab and unlock the Shoddy Bed using the gathered materials. Take note that this human bed also restores your HP when you sleep in it.
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Making a roof over your head

While the Shoddy Bed is a game-changer, you can’t use it just anywhere. To enjoy a good night’s sleep and skip time effectively, you need to ensure your bed is under a roof. Follow these steps to create a shelter and swiftly pass time in Palworld:

  1. Acquire the Wooden Structure Set: Unlock the Wooden Structure Set from the Technology tab. This set is essential for constructing a base using Wood. It is the foundation for your shelter.
  2. Build Your Wooden Home: Use the Build Menu to set up a Wooden Foundation, walls (or a Wall with a Window), and a Wooden Roof. This basic structure will serve as your cozy home.
  3. Placement of the Shoddy Bed: Once your wooden shelter is complete, place the Shoddy Bed inside. Now, you are ready to sleep and swiftly pass the time in Palworld.

Using these simple steps, you can effectively pass the night and play to your heart’s content during the day, aka swiftly pass time in Palworld.

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