Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart: How to save and romance Shadowheart in BG3


Use our Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart guide and learn the easy steps on how to save and romance Shadowheart in BG3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart: How to save and romance Shadowheart in BG3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you are faced with a puzzling decision right from the start. As you explore the strange hallways of a mind-flayer ship on your way to its center, you notice a rhythmic thumping sound. Inside a strange pod, there’s a woman named Shadowheart trapped, and her situation pulls at your sense of right and wrong.

Even though Lae’zel disagrees, leaving her behind doesn’t feel right. But the pod’s weird technology confuses you – how can you rescue her? In this article, we’ll help you understand how to save your Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart from the mind flayer pod, guiding you through this early part of the game. We will also discuss how to build a romantic relationship with Shadowheart BG3 and get closer to her. So, let’s begin.

How to Save Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart?

Saving Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart is quite simple. There is a part where you need to rescue her from a Mind Flayer Pod. To do this, you first have to find the Elaborate Key and use it to get the Eldritch Rune. 

This special Rune helps you activate a console next to Shadowheart’s pod. Once the console is on, you touch it and pick the right things to say to save her. If you’re a Wizard or Warlock, you don’t need the Key or Rune. You can directly free her. 

Remember, the key and rune are for others. So, with the right items or your special powers, you can rescue Shadowheart and continue your adventure

Now, you must be wondering how to get the Eldritch Rune. Well, Players can obtain the Elaborate Key and use it to acquire the Eldritch Rune through these steps:

  • Start from the room with the woman in the pod and proceed through the eastern door.
  • Continue moving east along this path until you encounter a Dead Thrall.
  • Interact with the Dead Thrall, and you’ll receive the Elaborate Key required for further progress.
  • Return to the room where Shadowheart is trapped. In the southeast corner of the room, you’ll find an Elaborate Reliquary chest.
  • Use the Elaborate Key to unlock the Elaborate Reliquary chest.
  • Inside the chest, you’ll discover the Eldritch Rune.
  • This Eldritch Rune can be used on a console to rescue Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart.

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Now that we know how to save her, let’s move on to the next part, which is how to romance Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart. But before you actually get to romance, you will first need o recruit her and get her approval.

How To Recruit Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart?

Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart can be recruited in two ways. First, you might find her trapped in a pod on a ship called the Nautiloid. But the pod is locked and needs a missing part to open it. You can find this part in a room nearby. If you open the pod using your skills, Shadowheart joins you and the ship crashes later. You’ll find her on the beach, and she’ll join your group.

If you didn’t save Shadowheart on the ship, you get another chance. After the crash, go north along the beach and you’ll see a place called a crypt. There, you’ll find Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart trying to get inside. Even if you didn’t rescue her earlier, you can still recruit her. She might not be as happy with you at first, but you can still become friends and even have a romantic story with her.

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How To Get Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart’s Approval?

To develop a romantic relationship with Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart, players need to make this character like them more. This is influenced by what players say in conversations and how they behave in the game. Every Companion has different preferences, so what makes one happy might not work for another. Players have to change how they act based on which character they want to impress and gain approval from.

Increasing Shadowheart’s approval of the player completely depends on her likes and dislikes. To increase Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart’s approval as a player, focus on the following:

  • Keep Secrets: Shadowheart enjoys privacy, so if you are curious and respect her secrets, she’ll like you.
  • Help Others: Doing good things for people, even if she doesn’t show it, will make her like you.
  • Look Out for Yourself: Making choices that benefit you is okay; she appreciates that.
  • Stealing is Cool: She is into thievery, so if you steal from others, she’ll approve.
  • Be Sneaky: Being secretive, sneaky, and tricky like her will earn her approval.
  • Impress Her Skills: If you are good at convincing, lying, understanding religion, or reading people, she’ll like that too.

Hence, if you’re playing a game with characters like Shadowheart and Lae’zel, it’s important to be kind and think before you act. Shadowheart doesn’t like when you’re mean for no reason, and that makes her unhappy. Lae’zel has her ideas, but if you follow them instead of Shadowheart’s, Shadowheart won’t be happy either.

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How To Romance Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart?

If a player follows these tips, Shadowheart’s liking for their character will grow, and they can start a romantic relationship once it’s very high. Fans can see this by checking Shadowheart’s approval on her character sheet. To romance Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart, players should do the following things:

Act 1:

If players like Shadowheart and have high approval with her, they might find a special dialogue option in camp. It’s about feeling like they missed a chance to connect with her. This can happen even before rescuing Halsin. If they choose this option, the next time they use their bedroll in camp, they could have a chance to get closer to Shadowheart in the game.

Act 2:

In the game’s second part, there are important moments for Shadowheart, and players’ choices affect their romantic relationships. Depending on the chosen deity (Selune or Shar), players can do certain things to bring Shadowheart closer or push her away from that deity:

  • For the Selune Route: Don’t pray to the Statue of Shar. Don’t kill the Nightsong.
  • For the Shar Route: Pray to the Statue of Shar. Kill the Nightsong.

If players choose the Selune Route, they should talk to Shadowheart after leaving the Mausoleum and tell her she’s not alone. Later, they can compliment her new look during a camp conversation, talk about their relationship, and ask for a kiss.

For the Shar Route, during a scene with a Statue of Selune, players should suggest having a feast. This scene might happen after resting a few times and agreeing to make sand castles with Shadowheart.

Act 3: 

For players who guided Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart toward Selune’s path, a chance for romance arises in Act 3. An invitation for a late-night swim becomes possible if you maintain strong approval early in this act. This moment lets you bond with Shadowheart and maybe start a romantic connection. It’s a special opportunity for those who supported her choices throughout the game.

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Well, that is all that we have on our Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart guide, including the steps to save and romance Shadowheart in BG3.

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