League of Legends Briar: abilities, splash art, and release date of Season 13’s jungler leaked


League of Legends Briar, Season 13’s hangry jungler’s abilities, splash art, and release date have been revealed by new leaks.

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League of Legends Briar: abilities, splash art, and release date of Season 13’s jungler leaked

Ever since the introduction of Naafiri, players have been eagerly anticipating any piece of information about LoL Briar. Well, thankfully recent leaks have now treated us with an early preview of this enigmatic “hangry jungler champion,” further fueling the excitement for her impending release

This article will inform you of everything we currently know about League of Legends Briar, the third champion of Season 13 as well as her abilities and backstory. We’ll also talk about the launch date for the upcoming LoL Hangry Jungler.

League of Legends Briar – Who’s the upcoming Hangry Jungler?

LoL Briar is the upcoming champion reportedly hailing from the brutal kingdom of Noxus. A standout detail that has piqued players’ curiosity is her status as a member of the Vampire race, a characteristic that is directly linked to her champion title.

Speculation runs rife that she might share some thematic similarities with Vladimir, a champion known for his blood-draining and magical abilities – characteristics often attributed to vampires.

League of Legends Briar Abilities

While information on League of Legends Briar abilities remains incomplete, leaks have offered some insight into Briar’s potential kit, which involves a dash, a life-stealing spell, and a skill that inflicts fear upon enemies.

Here’s a glimpse into her abilities based on the leaks:


  • Briar lacks passive Health Regeneration.
  • Her attacks apply a stacking Bleed effect to enemies.
  • A portion of the damage from Bleed restores her health.
  • Healing is increased based on her Missing Health.

Q Ability

  • Briar leaps at her adversary, reducing their Armor and inducing a Stun.

W Ability

  • Briar’s W causes her to shatter her pillory, triggering a Frenzied state.
  • During this frenzy, she gains Movement Speed and Attack Speed, enhancing her pursuit of foes.
  • Pressing W again during Frenzy Mode results in her next attack being a chomp.

E Ability

  • Briar’s E involves emitting a scream that inflicts damage in the surrounding area, along with a Slowing effect.
  • The ability necessitates a charge-up period for activation.
  • While charging, she experiences reduced damage and recovers some of her Maximum Health.
  • When E is fully charged, it pushes back enemies and stuns them upon collision with a wall.
  • Additionally, this ability concludes her Frenzy Mode.

R/Ultimate Ability

  • Briar marks her initial target, dashing towards them to induce fear in all nearby enemies upon impact.
  • While using her R, she enjoys augmented Movement Speed, Magic Resistance, Armor, and Lifesteal.

League of Legends Briar Splash Art

The excitement reached a fever pitch when a leaked splash art emerged, offering players a sneak peek at Briar’s appearance. The image portrays a youthful vampire with a pallid complexion and dark attire. The contrast between her dark colors and platinum-white hair, tinged with hints of red, creates a visually striking image. Notably, a massive spiky pillory hovers above her, crowned by a conspicuous red gem.

A significant discussion point revolves around Briar’s feet, sparking community conversations about her youthful appearance and appropriate discourse.

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Leaked Splash Art of League of Legends Briar

League of Legends Briar Lore

Riot’s Product Lead for LoL champions, Lexi “Riot Lexical” Gao, provided insights into League of Legends Briar’s inception in an April 2023 blog post. He revealed that while initially exploring various kit possibilities infused with her insatiable hunger, the team eventually settled on a diver or skirmisher jungler playstyle. The turning point in her conceptualization arrived when August Browning introduced a groundbreaking concept that set the tone for her development.

According to data miners and leaks from Big Bad Bear, Briar’s lore suggests she is a product of a failed experiment by the secretive Noxian organization, Black Rose. As a consequence of this experiment, she has become an uncontrollable force, necessitating her confinement in a pillory. This device acts as both a restraint and a tool to channel her volatile energies. Without the pillory, she descends into a ravenous frenzy, driven by her insatiable thirst for “Knowledge and Blood.”

League of Legends Briar release date

Briar’s introduction occurred during Riot Games’ Season 2023 LoL Pls video, where she was aptly labeled the “hangry jungler,” encapsulating her blend of hunger and anger.

As per recent revelations from Riot, Briar’s release might occur sooner than anticipated. In a Reddit post, Riot Meddler, the Head of the League Studio, hinted at a potential debut for League of Legends Briar before Worlds 2023. This indicates a probable release sometime in September, coinciding with the mid-October commencement of Worlds.

Also, according to leaks, Briar is likely to hot the PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers on August 29th. Subsequently, she is expected to join the live servers with Patch 13.18, slated for release on Thursday, September 14th, 2023.

While the leaked League of Legends Briar splash art is visually captivating, its authenticity is yet to be confirmed. Regardless, the League of Legends community eagerly awaits Briar’s arrival, poised to explore her abilities and uncover the mysteries she brings to Summoners’ Rift.

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