NBA 2K24: Release Date, Cover Athlete, Editions, Platforms, and Exciting Features


Get ready for the launch of NBA 2K24, the newest game in the well-known basketball video game series.

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Kobe Bryant becomes NBA 2K24’s Cover Athlete

NBA 2K24, the highly anticipated basketball simulation game from 2K Sports, is set to continue the legacy of dominating the basketball-gaming sphere in 2023.

With fans eagerly awaiting its release, speculations about new features and improvements have already begun. In this article, we will provide an overview of all the available information on NBA 2K24, including its release date, cover athlete, editions, platforms, and expected features.

Release Date of NBA 2K24

As of now, an official release date for NBA 2K24 has not been announced.

However, based on past patterns, 2K typically releases information about new NBA 2K games in early July. Following this trend, it is likely that information about the release date of NBA 2K24 will be revealed around the first half of July 2023.

Historically, 2K games have been released in September, with NBA 2K23 launching worldwide on September 9 and NBA 2K22 on September 10. Therefore, a tentative release date of September 8, 2023, would align with the previous release schedule.

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Cover Athlete of NBA 2K24

2K Sports officially announced the cover athlete for NBA 2K24 on July 6. The legendary Kobe Bryant, known as the Eighth Wonder of The World, will grace the cover of both the Black Mamba Edition and the Kobe Bryant Edition.

Bryant, a 5-time NBA Champion, 18-time All-Star, 2-time Finals MVP, and 11-time All-NBA first-teamer, is considered one of the most complete players in NBA history. The Black Mamba Edition features a picture of Kobe from his later years in his career, while the Kobe Bryant Edition showcases a younger Bryant wearing his iconic No. 8 jersey and hairstyle.

Pre-orders for both editions begin on July 7, allowing fans to secure their copies.

NBA 2K24 Editions

While specific details about the editions of NBA 2K24 are yet to be revealed, it is expected that multiple editions will be available, each offering unique perks and in-game gifts.

So far, two editions have been confirmed: the Kobe Bryant Edition and the Black Mamba Edition. In previous years, special editions featuring notable figures such as J.Cole and WNBA athletes Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi have been released. Fans can anticipate the announcement of additional editions.

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The Black Mamba Edition features Kobe from later years in his career.

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Platforms for NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 is likely to be available on the same platforms as its predecessor, NBA 2K23. These platforms include PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Additionally, a version for the Nintendo Switch is expected, as it has been available for previous installments of the franchise.

There is also the possibility of NBA2K24 being included in Xbox Game Pass, although this might occur towards the end of the game’s life cycle.

Expected Features in NBA 2K24

While specific details about game modes and features in NBA 2K24 are currently limited, it is anticipated that popular game modes like MyTeam and MyCareer will make a return. These modes have been staples of the franchise and offer immersive experiences for players.

MyGM, the mode focused on managing an NBA team, is also expected to be included in the next NBA game. Although no news regarding new game modes has been announced, fans can anticipate the continuation of MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and MyLEAGUE.

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The Kobe Bryant Edition showcases a younger Bryant wearing his iconic No. 8 jersey.

It is important to note that some content within these game modes may be limited to the next-gen consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The City, a mode exclusive to these consoles in previous iterations, is expected to continue in NBA 2K24.

While players may have specific improvements and new features they hope to see in NBA 2K24, it is important to manage expectations. The developers typically make incremental changes and improvements to maintain the core gameplay experience that fans have come to love.

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In conclusion, NBA 2K24 is poised to build upon the success of its predecessors and offer basketball fans an immersive and realistic gaming experience. Although the release date is yet to be announced, fans can expect information about the game’s launch in early July.

With Kobe Bryant as the cover athlete and multiple editions available, players have exciting options to choose from. NBA 2K24 is expected to be available on various platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, with a potential release on the Nintendo Switch as well.

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