Are we actually getting a new Donkey Kong game announcement in Direct 2023?


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Are we actually getting a new Donkey Kong game announcement in Direct 2023?

After Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder Nintendo Direct at the end of August, there was speculation that the company might skip its usual Nintendo Direct September 2023 presentation. Nevertheless, credible insiders and leakers continue to suggest that a Nintendo Direct event is likely to occur and will probably bring announcements on games like the new Donkey Kong title and F-Zero.

Debunking New Donkey Kong Game Rumors

A leaker known as Pyoro, who has previously provided accurate Nintendo-related information, has dropped hints about what fans could expect at the September 2023 Direct. They recently shared a GIF featuring Donkey Kong from The Super Mario Bros. Movie, implying that a Donkey Kong announcement might be in the works for the Direct.

Some believe it might be a Donkey Kong Country game or even a spin-off movie linked to this year’s Illumination hit.

Given that rumors of a new Donkey Kong game have circulated for some time, the possibility of such a reveal, especially if it’s designed for the Nintendo Switch and not the upcoming console, doesn’t seem far-fetched.

However, it’s worth noting that Papagenos, in a Discord statement, provided a conflicting perspective. They mentioned that “DK is not what we think” and may not be as significant as anticipated. Papagenos also expressed certainty about the readiness of Metroid Prime 4 for a showcase but was uncertain if it would feature in the direct.

In their statement, Papagenos stated, “While I hate to bring bad news… DK is not what we think…not that big of a deal.” Speculation leans towards possibilities like the announcement of a DK movie, showcasing the DK universal park, or possibly DK99. A new Donkey Kong game may not align with expectations as it’s supposedly “not what we think.” They also suggested that the successor console for the Switch might not make an appearance in the direct.

Backing their source, the leaker said, “Those quotes about the DK thing is coming from the same source who told me about the Mario RPG remaster/Daisy fans would be happy with the last direct/ and that the 2D Mario game is “hella Elefun”(elephant hint) so I trust what they’re saying. Sorry to bring the disappointment for that one.”

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While this claim is disappointing for some, there are a few possible theories of what might the Donkey Kong Announcement include.

  • The ongoing strike is preventing any movie announcements, and Super Nintendo World updates have been kept separate in dedicated directs. Therefore, the teased content is likely game-related and not a movie.
  • The next thing is that, if it’s not what we believe it is—and most people are leaning towards a new game—it’s probably something like DK64 on NSO.
  • Apart from DK64, there are a few other Donkey Kong games that can ported like:
    • DKC Returns (Wii, then ported to 3DS with extra levels)
    • Jungle Beat (2D platformer that used a bongo controller on Gamecube; Wii port used motion controls); by association
    • DK64 on N64
    • Donkey Konga games
    • Diddy Kong Racing on N64, if you want to count that
    • DK ’94 on Gameboy (more of a Mario game really; it’s a precursor to the Mario vs. Donkey Kong game on GBA before the later entries turned into Lemmings-clones)
    • 3 Donkey Kong Land games on Gameboy

It’s worth mentioning that Donkey Kong predates F-Zero in Nintendo’s game series history, originating in 1981. While many associate the character with Mario, it has its own legacy. Although there’s been a hiatus, the last game was released eight years ago in 2014, which is a longer wait than usual for a new Donkey Kong game.

Keep in mind that this information is unofficial and speculative. It hasn’t received any confirmation from Nintendo yet. If there are any updates, we’ll be sure to provide them.

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Nintendo Direct September 2023 and Possible announcements

Supposedly, a Nintendo Direct will take place this month if you haven’t been following the rumors. Whether this will actually happen or not is unknown, but even if it doesn’t, Nintendo will undoubtedly have one before the end of the year, and it is rumored to contain not only the introduction of a new F-Zero game but also a new Donkey Kong game.

According to a reputable leaker known as Pyoro, a new F-Zero game is reportedly in development and poised to be unveiled at the upcoming Nintendo Direct in September 2023. Pyoro continued to drop hints, including a GIF featuring Donkey Kong, sparking speculation about a potential new game or project related to the iconic character.

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Nintendo Direct in September 2023 might be held next week.

Moreover, Pyoro casually confirmed that information about the upcoming Princess Peach game would be revealed, though details remain scarce since the brief teaser in June’s Nintendo Direct.

While the exact date of Nintendo Direct September 2023 remains unknown, fans are eagerly awaiting further updates, bearing in mind the speculative nature of these leaks. With such exciting names in the mix, the anticipation is palpable.

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