New God of War Game might already be in development


Hints from a job listing about a new God of War game being in the pipeline at Sony Santa Monica have sparked fans’ curiosity.

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New God of War Game might already be in development, as per a recent job listing

The latest scoop indicates that the upcoming installment in Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio’s revered God of War series, a new God of War game might already be in development.

A recent job listing for a Combat Designer position suggests that Santa Monica Studio is on the lookout for a talent well-versed in the combat systems, mechanics, and adversaries of both God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarok (2022), all about an undisclosed project (possibly a new God of War game) in the works.

A new God of War Game Speculations

The main developers behind the God of War franchise, Sony Santa Monica, have launched a new job listing process, suggesting that their next venture is currently taking shape. More specifically, the team is on the hunt for a Combat Designer, a Sr. Combat Designer, and a Sr. Combat Designer (Companions).

What lead to new God of War game development speculations was the fresh job opening for a Combat Designer.

Within the ‘Requirements’ section of this listing, the studio reveals that the ideal candidate “should possess an understanding of God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarök (2022) and be capable of engaging in comprehensive discussions regarding the combat systems, mechanics, and adversaries.”

The Combat Designer’s responsibilities included formulating character design blueprints and strategies for combat progression and embedding character animations and behaviors through various scripting systems like state machines, behavior trees, visual effects, and sound effects. This role will involve working iteratively within the established standards for character asset design, generation, and in-game integration, aligning design, art, and other aspects within the production path as it pertains to the relationship between gameplay elements within the level and the overarching game, valuing the diverse ways players can interact with each gameplay element, and more.

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Is a new God of War Game actually in development?

As of now, Sony Santa Monica hasn’t officially unveiled their plans for any new God of War game or the post-God of War Ragnarok content following its release at the end of the past year. However, it’s worth noting that in November 2022, Cory Barlog, the creative director for Ragnarok, mentioned that the studio was engaged in “a variety of different things.”

Eric Williams, the game director for God of War Ragnarok, concurrently expressed that he would be content if Sony Santa Monica carried on as the dedicated God of War studio and extended the series into the future. Barlog’s comments hint at the potential of Sony Santa Monica branching out into new undertakings beyond God of War, while Williams’ statements keep the door open for fresh installments in the series.

The aspect tying this recently found job listing to a potential new God of War game is one of the mentioned requisites, emphasizing that the potential hire should possess knowledge of God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarok (2022) and be capable of in-depth discussions about the combat systems, mechanics, and adversaries featured in these games.

However, it’s worth acknowledging that the role of Combat Designer also calls for familiarity with “competitive products and various gameplay genres.” This could indicate Sony Santa Monica’s interest in recruiting someone well-acquainted with the broader gaming landscape, potentially signaling their intention to explore other genres while leveraging their recent accomplishments with God of War.

What we can affirm is that God of War Ragnarok served as the concluding chapter of the Norse saga. Both Williams and Barlog were certain, even before the game’s launch, about wrapping up the saga in two titles as opposed to three, largely due to the extensive development time required for a trilogy. Should a new God of War game emerge, it’s unlikely to revisit the realms of Odin and Thor.

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At present, Sony Santa Monica has neither confirmed nor denied anything with regard to a new God of War game. There’s a possibility that this could be for a project related to God of War but distinct from a full-fledged Ragnarok sequel. While we didn’t receive any downloadable content (DLC), given the considerable passage of time, such an outcome seems uncertain. Similarly, the likelihood of a remake of the 2018 game on par with The Last of Us Part I appears slim.

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