New Halo Game Rumored To Be In Development Since Early 2022


Rumors are suggesting that a few 343 Industries developers made hints regarding a future Halo game, which has allegedly been in development since early 2022.

New Halo Game, next Halo Game, upcoming Halo Game, New Halo Game Rumored To Be In Development Since Early 2022
New Halo Game Rumored To Be In Development Since Early 2022

Apparently, 343 Industries has been working on a new Halo project since April 2022, according to two separate job descriptions on LinkedIn.

The first indication comes from Justin Dinges, who’s had roles in previous Halo games. Starting as an Environment Artist on Halo 4 and 5, Dinges took on more responsibilities, eventually becoming a Game Director for Halo Infinite. According to Dinges’ profile, between April 2022 and March 2023, they were involved in working on “Halo’s next unannounced release” in a role as an Art Director.

The second hint comes from Ian Slutz’s LinkedIn profile. Since 2019, Slutz has worked as a Senior Character Systems Designer at 343 Industries. Now their current job description mentions involvement with “player systems and assets in Unreal Engine 5.” Although this doesn’t explicitly point to the new Halo game, it aligns with expectations that the upcoming Halo game will be built on Unreal Engine 5.

New Halo Game, next Halo Game, upcoming Halo Game, New Halo Game Rumored To Be In Development Since Early 2022

In October 2023, the same strategy was mentioned in an SG Bitcast gaming podcast episode. A group was tasked with “building the next generation of Halo on Unreal,” according to the site’s chief editor Ains. So, it’s plausible that Ian Slutz has been actively contributing to the structure of the game using UE5.

Also, this suggests that 343 Industries might be moving away from their Slipspace Engine, and the future adventures of Master Chief could be developed using the Unreal Engine instead.

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Well, about a month has passed since 343 Industries provided an update regarding Halo Infinite’s future. According to the company, 343 does not currently have any plans for single-player Halo Infinite DLC. This implies, however, that 343 will probably be updating the game’s live-service component for the time being. Additionally, with signs of a new Halo game in progress, there’s plenty for players to anticipate in the months ahead.

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There’s been a bit of a drop in expectations for Halo’s future, especially after the 343 Industries team faced layoffs from Microsoft. Furthermore, although Halo Infinite had a great multiplayer debut, some players soon outgrew the game. With its new game, 343 Industries should hopefully take its time for a more comprehensive and ambitious launch.

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