Next Call of Duty Game Will Reportedly Release In October 2024


While Activision has yet to officially confirm the details, early information has surfaced regarding the next Call of Duty game, suggesting a release in October this year.

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Next Call of Duty Game Will Reportedly Release In October 2024

Reports indicate that a virtual town hall meeting was held for Microsoft employees on February 6th, preceding a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast where Microsoft’s vision for Xbox’s future would be discussed. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer and Xbox President Sarah Bond reportedly attended the meeting, with Spencer hinting at the likelihood of the next Call of Duty launching in October 2024. He said, “It would be safe to assume another Call of Duty was coming this October.”

Notably, the majority of previous Call of Duty games, 15 out of 20, were released in November, with the remaining five debuting in October. Therefore, it is anticipated that the next Call of Duty game will likely be available in late 2024.

As for the game itself, past rumors have suggested that it will be a sequel to Treyarch’s Black Ops series, which is set during the Gulf War, and is targeting an October 2024 release. The game is set to incorporate linear missions and the storyline is said to focus on the CIA, aiming to explore a nuanced narrative of the conflict.

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Reports further suggest that the next Call of Duty is reportedly going to push CoD further toward an open world, building on the strategy of Modern Warfare 3, which was released last year and had more open levels that permitted various strategies. Furthermore, to move around the map, the game is expected to include fast travel and vehicle features. The inclusion of vehicles and a fast travel system to navigate the map is expected.

Additionally, early reports from Bloomberg listed Treyarch as the developer of the next Call of Duty game, despite the fact that nothing formal has been announced as of yet. Given that Treyarch’s most recent game, Black Ops Cold War, was released in 2020, it makes sense to drop the games in the anticipated order. Leaks have also supported this claim, indicating that a new Warzone 2.0 map developed by Treyarch will coincide with the release of Call of Duty 2024.

In addition to the hint about the next Call of Duty game, Spencer also confirmed “future hardware” for Xbox in the report. Bond also discussed the brand’s strategy, emphasizing that “Every screen is an Xbox,” indicating a commitment to a multi-device approach. This aligns with Spencer’s assurance to employees that Microsoft has no intention of discontinuing Xbox console production.

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Well, it’s important to note that these details are currently based on rumors, and it’s advisable to await further information and a potential official announcement in the coming months.

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