New Nintendo Switch 2 Advertisement Hints at Announcement Coming Soon


Nintendo Switch 2, Nintendo Switch 2 Advertisement, Nintendo Switch 2 Advertisement Hints at Announcement Coming Soon
Nintendo Switch 2 Advertisement hints that an announcement might be coming soon

Rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 have been increasing online since spring 2023. Now, a casting call for a probable Nintendo Switch 2 advertisement, the new handheld gaming console was recently discovered. The ad is said to feature a man who wakes up from a coma and discovers that arcade games are easier to play on the new console.

We’re not sure if the advertisement is really for the Nintendo Switch 2. It could just be people talking without any real information because Nintendo hasn’t officially shared details about their new console yet.

Nintendo Switch 2 Advertisement Hints at Announcement Coming Soon

Someone on Reddit shared an interesting post about a company looking for an actor for an ad between October and November 2023. What’s exciting is the possible link to the rumored Nintendo Switch 2.

The post mentioned that SpecialGun Productions is looking for an “older man aged 30-42” for a new handheld game console. The ad’s story involves a character named Mike who wakes up from a coma and discovers playing arcade games on the new console. The Redditor mentioned that SpecialGun Productions has worked with Capcom, which is often linked with Nintendo. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be any other big handheld console coming soon, apart from the Switch 2.

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They believe the Nintendo Switch 2 Advertisement hints that the marketing for it has already started. What’s interesting is that there’s information about the ad shoot and its deadline too. The details say they were shooting the commercial from October 13 to November 1. Based on this, the Redditor thinks that the Switch 2 might get announced in early 2024 and released later in the same year.

Nintendo President Denies Switch 2 Rumors Until After 2024

In a conference in November 2023, the head of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, said that the rumors about Nintendo showing a new console, the Switch 2, to game creators in 2022 and at Gamescom 2023 are not true. He states, “Rumors are circulating mainly on the Internet as if they were public information, but they are inaccurate”

Furukawa also said that the patents suggesting Nintendo is making a handheld console that can split into two parts are not accurate. He made it clear that there are no intentions to launch any new gaming devices in the coming year. So, we shouldn’t expect the Switch 2 to be released until sometime after March 2024.

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About the new finding of a patent for a gaming device with two screens like the 3DS, Furukawa explained that Nintendo applied for the patent knowing that the information would be made public. He made it clear that just because there’s a patent doesn’t mean it will definitely be used in a real product. It seems like they filed it more for research and development reasons.

To conclude, Nintendo is likely to release new hardware in the second half of 2024 to ensure they have enough stock for the next holiday season. Therefore, fans will need to wait patiently to know whether the Switch 2 Advertisement has any authenticity or not and should wait for the perfect moment.

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