Nintendo Switch 2 plans were discussed by Activision Executives and Nintendo last year


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Nintendo Switch 2 plans were discussed by Activision Executives and Nintendo last year

In recent weeks, anticipation for the much-rumored Nintendo Switch 2 has surged, fueled by reports of developer demos at Gamescom last month. The buzz reached new heights when it was revealed that Activision had been briefed on a next-generation Nintendo Switch as early as last year, according to internal emails uncovered in the FTC v. Microsoft case.

Activision’s Peek on Nintendo’s Switch 2 Last Year

As recently pointed out by Tom Warren, in December 2022, an important meeting took place between top executives from Activision, including CEO Bobby Kotick, and their counterparts at Nintendo. The agenda? Delving into the prospects of a next-generation Switch. This meeting set the stage for revelations about the “Switch NG,” as detailed in an internal email chain led by Chris Schnakenberg, head of Activision’s platform strategy and partner relations.

While certain sections of the document remain unclear in redaction, a significant insight emerged – the next-generation Switch is slated to rival the performance capabilities of the PS4 and Xbox One:

“Given the closer alignment to Gen8 platforms in terms of performance and our previous offerings on PS4 / Xbox One, it is reasonable to assume we could make something compelling for the NG Switch as well. It would be helpful to secure early access to development hardware prototypes and prove that out nice and early.”

This revelation sheds light on the ambitious vision Nintendo harbors for their forthcoming Nintendo Switch 2 console.

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Screen capture of emails between Jim Ryan and Chris Deering; Credits: Tom Warren

Call of Duty won’t be a part of Nintendo Switch 2

Bobby Kotick’s testimony in the FTC v. Microsoft hearing unveiled a regret – the omission of Call of Duty from the Switch. The revelation prompted probing questions from both the FTC’s lawyers and Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley. Intriguingly, it was disclosed that an agreement between Microsoft and Nintendo hinged on the promise of a future Call of Duty installment gracing a prospective Nintendo console, depending on regulatory approval of Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal.

In Kotick’s own words:

“We would consider it once we had the specs, but we don’t have them at present. We missed out on the opportunity for this past generation of Switch, but we’d have to wait until the specifications. We don’t have any present plans to do so.”

Future of Nintendo Switch 2

Well, Nintendo’s strategic efforts have not gone unnoticed. Reports earlier this year indicated that a new iteration, Nintendo Switch 2 is slated for release in 2024. This revamped console is expected to feature an LCD screen, a departure from the current OLED model, while still retaining support for cartridge slots, catering to enthusiasts of physical game releases.

Also, the developers were treated to a sneak peek of the Nintendo Switch 2 during Gamescom in August. Tech demos showcasing games optimized for the unannounced system were reportedly a highlight. Among them, an enhanced version of the beloved “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” demonstrated the new hardware’s prowess.

Further reports confirmed that Nintendo also showcased Epic Games’ The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 tech demo, showcasing the system’s capabilities. This included the utilization of Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology coupled with ray tracing, hinting at the next Switch’s potential to deliver the latest AAA gaming experiences.

As the speculation continues to swell, it’s evident that Nintendo’s next-generation console, Nintendo Switch 2 is poised to make waves in the gaming landscape. With insights gleaned from Activision’s behind-the-scenes glimpse and tantalizing peeks at Gamescom, it’s only a matter of time before we witness the next evolution of gaming excellence.

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