Roblox PlayStation version is getting released in October 2023


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Roblox PlayStation version is getting released in October 2023

New York-based gaming company Roblox is set to expand its immersive digital worlds platform to Sony’s PlayStation devices in October, granting access to the vast user base of the world’s most renowned gaming consoles.

Roblox PlayStation version is getting released next month

Roblox initially debuted on PC in 2006 and subsequently landed on iOS in 2012 and Android in 2014. It made its console debut in 2015, being released for Xbox One (and it’s still playable on Xbox Series X/S). However, in the eight years since Roblox hasn’t found its way to Sony or Nintendo consoles. Well, that is about to change as the Roblox PlayStation version is getting released next month.

In an announcement following a keynote speech at the Roblox Developer Conference in San Francisco today, Roblox stated, “At long last, we announced that next month, more than 150 million console owners across PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be able to access the full catalog of Roblox experiences.”

In addition to the upcoming Roblox PlayStation version, the company also revealed plans for enhancing the Xbox version. The updated Xbox app will provide a fresh look, frequent updates (with access to the latest features), enhanced content recommendations, and an improved user experience.

The statement further reads, “Getting our developers’ experiences onto these two amazing platforms is a significant step toward making Roblox available on all of the most popular devices,” emphasizing their commitment to expansion.

New features of Roblox

Roblox is also making its app fully accessible on Meta’s Quest mixed reality devices this month after launching a test version in July. The test version garnered over a million downloads within just five days, as reported by the company in a blog post.

This expansion aligns with Roblox’s vision to make its platform accessible “wherever users are trying to use it,” spanning mobile, desktop, and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) devices, as explained by Roblox Chief Product Officer Manuel Bronstein. Bronstein also humorously pondered, “I wonder if we should be on every TV.”

With 66 million daily users, predominantly teenagers, Roblox stands as one of the most popular gaming services for children. Tech giants like Meta are closely observing its growth, seeking to engage the next generation of users.

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Roblox continuously adds new fun elements like Bebe Rexha’s Concert to keep the game entertaining.

At its conference, Roblox also unveiled plans to introduce an AI-powered world-building chatbot by year-end. Another upcoming Roblox tool set to debut later this year will allow mobile or desktop users to engage in voice calls with Roblox friends using avatars.

This technology, named Connect, leverages the device’s camera to capture a participant’s facial expressions and movements, then mirrors them through the user’s avatar.

Well, a lot is planned, and with the Roblox PlayStation version coming soon, the player base will certainly see a lot of growth.

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