Starfield Austin Rake: Whether to kill this NPC or not?


In Starfield, the decision regarding Austin Rake is vital. Learn whether it’s best to kill or spare this NPC in your gaming journey.

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Starfield Austin Rake: Whether to kill this NPC or not?

Starfield is the latest space RPG that offers thrilling action and exploration in the 2340 Settled Systems. Armed with celestial weapons, you’ll defend against extraterrestrial threats. Along your journey, you’ll encounter various NPCs, some potential allies, and others as foes, depending on circumstances. One critical decision involves Austin Rake, a former Crimson Fleet member. The Crimson Fleet seeks his demise, while The United Colonies plead for his rescue from their clutches. Your choice will shape the fate of Austin in this high-stakes galactic adventure.

The decision whether to kill Austin Rake or not in Starfield?

In your search for Austin within the spaceship, you may stumble upon The Ragana, his hiding place. You have the option to either rescue him by safely extracting him from the ship or, if you prefer, choose a more explosive approach, potentially risking his life. The decision is in your hands. Let’s see what happens in both cases:

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Austin is a former Crimson Fleet member.

Killing Austin Rake

If you decide to kill Austin, you’ll have to take out all the other passengers on the Ragana spaceship too. If you only target Rake, the other passengers will become angry and hostile towards you. You can also choose to destroy the entire spacecraft from the outside, which will upset UC Vanguard but earn you favor with the Crimson Fleet once the task is complete. Your decisions have consequences in the game’s complex world.

Spare Austin Rake

Follow UC’s advice and avoid aggressive actions. Request Ragana’s commander to dock and discuss the problem. Instead of choosing any attack options, select the dialogue option stating, “The Fleet wants Rake dead, but I want to resolve this without violence.”

Dmitri puts his trust in you, sparing lives. He devises a plan to protect Rake, even if he faces imprisonment. You receive fake evidence to convince the Fleet you’ve eliminated everyone. Commander Ikande commends your non-lethal resolution, allowing you to return to Naeva, who guides you to The Key. No negative consequences arise, enabling you to work for both factions smoothly.

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