Starfield Leaks: details creation credits, space magic powers, menu screen, and more


Starfield leaks have revealed new details on creation credits, space magic powers, title screen, all achievements, absence of Nvidia DLSS & Intel XeSS, and gameplay mechanics.

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Starfield Leaks have revealed new details creation credits, space magic powers, a title screen, and more

As the highly anticipated release of Starfield draws near, excitement among fans is reaching a fever pitch. However, with great anticipation comes the looming threat of spoilers, potentially jeopardizing the experience of diving into the game’s universe fresh.

A word of caution, those who wish to explore the game on their own and remain spoiler free, may leave the post now.

New details about the upcoming action role-playing game Starfield from Bethesda Game Studios have been disclosed thanks to leaked pictures.

Starfield Leak: Gameplay

The screenshots below feature Starfield gameplay footage and an inventory menu.


Starfield Leak: Character Traits

Screenshots from the public QA build of Starfield have revealed the character traits that are included in the game.

Starfield Leak: Title Screen and Space Magic Powers

Let’s kick off with the Starfield leak of the title screen, which has ignited excitement among fans. The screen appears plain and simple.

One fan commented, “I’m quite fond of it. Neat and straightforward. I’m getting hyped.” Another shared, “If this is real, it’s pretty sleek and much better designed compared to recent games like Modern Warfare II. The presence of a Photo Gallery option seems to confirm the inclusion of a photo mode.”

Subsequently, a datamined list of Starfield Space Magic powers surfaced. The developers had hinted at space magic towards the end of the Starfield Direct, and fans are thrilled to see concrete details related to it.

Starfield leaked list of Space Magic powers

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Starfield Leak: Creation Credits Returns

Another Starfield leak is an updated Steam End User License Agreement (EULA) that has raised curiosity due to its reference to “Creation Credits.” This reference potentially suggests a return of the Creation Club or “paid mods” service. For those unfamiliar, Creation Credits involve paid mods, where Bethesda collaborates with modders to develop mods that are rigorously tested for integration into the game at the same technical level as DLC. This differs from regular mods that come with the caveat “use at your own risk.” The revenue generated is then shared with the modders.

The initial backlash against this concept was understandable, but with time, it’s become evident that Bethesda’s intention isn’t to replace traditional mods. Instead, it serves as a means to sponsor certain mods and reward creators.

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Starfield Leak: Nvidia DLSS & Intel XeSS Missing

An exploration of pre-load data by dataminer Sebasti66855537 for Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming RPG, Starfield, indicates the absence of Nvidia DLSS or Intel XeSS support. Sebasti66855537 shared on Twitter that while analyzing Starfield’s pre-load files on PC, they found no indications of support for Nvidia DLSS or Intel XeSS. This could potentially lead to discontent among Nvidia and Intel GPU users, as Bethesda hasn’t yet confirmed whether this lack of support for rival GPU vendor image reconstruction technologies is due to AMD’s sponsorship.

The dataminer further explained that supporting only FSR2 among all temporal upscale is particularly disappointing. If a game engine can accommodate one form of temporal upscaling, incorporating others should be relatively straightforward. Tools like Nvidia Streamline simplify the process of integrating image reconstruction technologies, such as DLSS.

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Starfield Leak: All Achievements

One of the more comprehensive Starfield leaks or spoilers comes in the form of the complete list of Starfield’s achievements. Shared by Insider Gaming, these achievements offer a glimpse into the game’s missions, factions, progression system, and interactions with the game’s world.

Below, you’ll find all the achievements for Starfield:

  • A Legacy Forged – Complete “A Legacy Forged”
  • All That Money Can Buy – Complete “All That Money Can Buy”
  • Another Bug Hunt – Eliminate 300 Creatures
  • Back to the Grind – Join Ryujin Industries
  • Boots on the Ground – Land on 100 Planets
  • Chief Engineer – Modify a Ship
  • Cyber Jockey – Bypass 50 Digital Locks
  • Dark Matter – Eliminate 300 Human Enemies
  • Deputized – Join the Freestar Rangers
  • Dust Off – Reach Level 5
  • Elite – Reach Level 25
  • Entangled – Complete “Entangled”
  • Executive Level – Complete “Executive Level”
  • Fixer – Complete 30 Activities
  • Fleet Commander – Collect 10 Ships
  • For All, Into the Starfield – Enter Space for the First Time
  • Further Into the Unknown – Complete “Further Into the Unknown”
  • Guilty Parties – Complete “Guilty Parties”
  • High Price to Pay – Complete “High Price to Pay”
  • Home Sweet Home – Build an Outpost
  • I Use Them For Smuggling – Successfully Smuggle Contraband
  • In Their Footsteps – Complete “In Their Footsteps”
  • INdustrialist – Produce 500 Total Resources from Outposts
  • Into the Unknown – Complete “Into the Unknown”
  • Jacked In – Access 50 Computers
  • Legacy’s End – Complete “Legacy’s End”
  • Life Begate Life – Gather 500 Organic Resources
  • One Giant Leap – Complete “One Giant Leap”
  • One Small Step – Join Constellation
  • Privateer – Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions
  • Reach for the Stars – Reach Level 100
  • Replicator – Craft 100 Items
  • Rock Collection – Gather 500 Inorganic Resources
  • Rook Meets King – Join the Crimson Fleet
  • Shipping Magnate – Connect 5 Outposts with Cargo Links
  • Soldier of Fortune – Mod 50 Weapons
  • Space Opera – Reach Level 50
  • Starcrossed – Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion
  • Stellar Cartography – Visit 20 Star Systems
  • Supra et Ultra – Join the UC Vanguard
  • Surgical Strike – Complete “Surgical Strike”
  • The Best There Is – Complete “The Best There Is”
  • The Devils You Now – Complete “The Devils You Know”
  • The Family You Choose – Recruit 10 Separate Companions
  • The Hammer Falls – Complete “The Hammer Falls”
  • The Stars My Destination – Visit all Star Systems
  • Thirst for Knowledge – Read 20 Skill Magazines
  • Traveler – Reach Level 10
  • Unearthed – Complete “Unearthed”
  • War of Angels – Collect 20 Quantum Essence

According to this list, the highest level in the leveling-up achievements is 100. If this indeed represents the maximum level, it implies a character can access around 30% of the available skills and their corresponding ranks.

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Starfield Mechanics and World Details: Developers’ Insights

In a Q&A session on Discord, Starfield Design Directors Will Shen and Emil Pagliarulo revealed interesting features. The game incorporates a jail system, where players can be imprisoned or pay fines for lawbreaking. Resisting arrest and making an escape are also potential options.

In terms of property, Shen mentioned various cities offer housing that players can acquire. Some might need to be purchased, while others could be rewards for specific quests. Players can obtain dwellings in major cities within Starfield. Pagliarulo hinted at an accommodation obtainable through completing certain undisclosed tasks.

For those who wish to preserve the sense of discovery and stay away from Starfield leaks, selective online interactions and strategic avoidance of certain content might be the key. The non-linear nature of Starfield’s gameplay suggests that even if spoilers seep in, they might not significantly disrupt the overall experience.

For those eager to jump into Starfield at the earliest opportunity, the Premium Edition offers a chance to play from September 1, ahead of the official release date of September 6.

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