Super Mario RPG Switch Leaked Online Ahead Of It’s Release


Square Enix’s iconic Super Mario RPG from the SNES era is making a comeback on the Nintendo Switch later this month. However, in an unexpected turn, the game was leaked online before its scheduled release on November 17th.

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Super Mario RPG Switch Leaked Online Ahead Of It’s Release

The latest Super Mario RPG leak follows a previous incident in October related to the Super Mario Bros. Wonder game. Dataminer ‘OatmealDome‘ has confirmed that Super Mario RPG for the Switch has been leaked to the internet, revealing details like the game’s codename and engine.

The Super Mario RPG runs on the Unity engine (version 2021.3.15f1) and Nintendo’s internal codename for the game is “Stella”. Moreover, the source suggests taking precautions to avoid spoilers, such as blocking certain keywords on social media or steering clear of specific subreddits.

Despite being rooted in the 1996 Super Nintendo release, the remake features upgraded graphics, a remastered soundtrack, and various tweaks. This could potentially expose players to spoilers even before the official release. While the exact cause of the leak remains unclear, speculations point to a retailer breaking the street date, similar to the Super Mario Bros. Wonder incident.

Nintendo is unlikely to be pleased with players accessing the game before its official launch. However, the initial reviews of Super Mario RPG indicate that it successfully maintains its original essence while incorporating improvements where necessary.

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder faced the same situation as the upcoming Switch RPG.

Whether players are revisiting the SNES classic or experiencing it for the first time, the enhanced Switch version is highly recommended for RPG enthusiasts. With added charm and thoughtful updates, the upcoming remake, Super Mario RPG delivers everything one could expect from a revitalized classic.

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