Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly be backwards compatible with physical and digital games


According to the latest rumors, it seems like Nintendo Switch 2 will have both physical and digital backwards compatibility with original Switch titles.

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Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly be backwards compatible with physical and digital games

Enthusiastic fans have been eagerly searching for any tidbits of information, be it leaks or official announcements, about the Nintendo Switch 2. Excitingly, new rumors are circulating, suggesting that the Switch 2 will boast both physical and digital backwards compatibility, allowing developers to work on improving the games that are currently available in the Switch library.

The Portuguese website Universo Nintendo claims that not only will the Switch 2 be backwards compatible with current Switch titles, but developers will also have the ability to “enhance” these games, leveraging the additional processing power of the new console.

Furthermore, the report, originating from the Portuguese podcast X do Controle by PH Brazil goes on to confirm that the rumors regarding a Nintendo Direct happening next week are accurate. It also states that the Switch 2 console will finally be revealed at a hardware reveal event sometime in March and we will have a Pokémon presentation later this month.

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Adding weight to these rumors, industry insider Nate the Hate shared on the Reset Era forum that game developers affiliated with Nintendo are actively testing the backwards compatibility functionality of the Nintendo Switch 2. He did, however, note that it is still unknown to what degree the feature may offer visual advantages.

He expressed skepticism about significant performance boosts for backwards compatible games, anticipating only slight improvements. In order to save money, he believes that makers will choose to re-release games with updates as opposed to offering patches.

In terms of the credibility of these leaks, Universo Nintendo has in the past—and correctly—leaked the identity of Sonic x Shadow Generations as well as the specifics of unexpected Nintendo Directs ahead of time. Additionally, PH Brazil has previously provided a wealth of correct and preemptive information on Nintendo’s or its partners’ actions. Given the past record, there’s a good chance that when the console is revealed, it may indeed be backwards compatible with both physical and digital games.

Other Features of Nintendo Switch 2

Talking about the other features of Nintendo Switch 2, it is expected to feature a custom-made Nvidia chip. Building on these reports, earlier speculations indicated that the Switch 2 would be powered by a new proprietary Tegra CPU, codenamed T239, offering advanced capabilities such as DLSS upscaling and ray tracing.

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Furthermore, rumors suggest that the Nintendo Switch successor will have unique DLSS characteristics for powerful performance instead of frame generation. The NVIDIA T239 chip, 8 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, and longer battery life are reportedly features of the Switch 2. It is anticipated that the portable display would feature a refresh rate of 120 Hz, suggesting that games may aim for a frame rate of 120 frames per second.

In addition, analysts predicted that the Switch 2 will have an 8-inch LCD screen, which would be an improvement over the Switch OLED model’s existing 6.2-inch display, but it would not have OLED technology. Release and pricing information points to a $400 price tag—$100 more than the Nintendo Switch—and a possible March 2024 release or reveal window for Switch 2.

However, for now, all of these are mere rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt as only time can tell how true these rumors are.

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