T1’s CEO accidentally revealed Canyon’s 2024 team and Gen.G 2024 Roster


Joe Marsh, the CEO of T1, accidentally disclosed that Canyon, a well-known jungler from the LCK, will be joining Gen.G to replace Peanut in the 2024 roster.

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T1’s CEO accidentally leaked Gen. G’s 2024 Roster and Canyon’s 2024 destination

Amidst a flurry of LoL Esports roster for 2024 leaks and speculations, it’s become a challenge to separate fact from fiction. While T1 has swiftly unveiled its complete lineup for 2024, many other teams are still finalizing their rosters. Now, thanks to Joe Marsh, Gen.G’s jungler for the 2024 season has been inadvertently revealed.

T1’s CEO reveals Canyon’s team for the 2024 season

Coincidentally, on November 22, 2023, T1’s CEO, Joe Marsh joined Caedrel’s stream, who had just returned from a co-stream for Worlds 2023 in South Korea. Joe Marsh was just having a conversation with Caedrel when he unintentionally spilled the beans about a key player potentially joining Gen.G for the 2024 season.

He casually mentioned, “I love that Arnold claimed he was poor and then signs Canyon,” referring to Gen.G’s CEO, Arnold Hur.

This seemingly innocuous statement caught the attention of fans and spread rapidly throughout the community. Korean leakers, including midnoflash, known for accurately predicting kkOma’s return to T1, also supported this information.

If it is true, for the first time since 2019, it appears like Canyon will be a Gen.G player and sever ties with Showmaker.

Gen.G 2024 Roster Leak

As for the wider Gen.G roster for 2024, rumors are abound.

Presently, the sole player officially part of the team is bot laner Kim “Peyz” Su-hwan, whose contract extends until November 2024. Speculations suggest that mid-laner Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon might re-sign with the team. There’s also buzz about the addition of Kim “Kiin” Gi-in in the top lane. Additionally, with Son “Lehends” Si-woo’s contract ending in 2023, there’s a possibility of him joining Gen.G.

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Well, even though Joe Marsh ended the chat after saying just one thing, it undoubtedly sparked a lot of conversation among the community. However, as of right now, these are only rumors, and anything can still happen during the off-season, so it will be interesting to watch how the 2024 Gen.G roster comes together.

We will keep you updated with new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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