A Lego Zelda Great Deku Tree will be released in 2024

A Lego set based on The Great Deku Tree from The Legend of Zelda is rumored to be released later this year.

Brickmerge and 1414falconfan, two Lego social media accounts known for revealing upcoming Lego sets, have shared this information.

The set, as per a work-in-progress image from an internal document, is expected to come with Link, Princess Zelda, and a large display stand for the tree.

The set, comprising 2,500 pieces, is slated for release in September 2024 and could be the first Lego Nintendo set to feature traditional minifigures.

Previous Lego Mario sets have used a bespoke electronic figure, while the upcoming Animal Crossing Lego sets will feature figures with bespoke sculpted heads.

If the leaks are accurate, The Great Deku Tree will be Lego’s first set based on The Legend of Zelda, despite the company’s extensive range of Mario-themed and other Nintendo-themed sets.

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