Apex Legends Revenant Reborn: New Rework with unique abilities might come in Season 18

By- Alex

Apex Legends might introduce "Revenant Reborn" as an alternative version of Revenant with a wall-run ability in Season 18.

Leaks suggest future maps will bring wall-running to the game, and some leakers claim Revenant Reborn will have this ability.

Recent trailers tease Revenant's rework, indicating his imminent release in Apex Legends.

Thordan Smash shares information from playtesters about Revenant Reborn, including a unique Ultimate ability.

Speculations suggest Revenant Reborn's abilities might include wall-running as a passive and various tactical abilities like a Sling Shot or teleport.

The one-on-one duel ultimate, similar to Call of Duty's Gulag, has been playtested and might be part of Revenant Reborn's kit.

As a variation of the current Revenant, Revenant Reborn could be introduced as a limited-time mode, but details are unconfirmed.

Apex Legends' Narrative Lead, Ashley Reed, hints at a significant reveal coming mid to end of the season with possible big story implications.

Revenant's new kit is teased in recent Apex Legends trailers, increasing the likelihood of his release in Season 18.

The Kill Code and Neon Network trailers indicate Revenant's connection to Loba and hint at his upcoming release.

. Revenant appears briefly in the Neon Network trailer, further indicating his imminent release.