Apex Legends Season 20: Release Date and New Legend Upgrades Unveiled

Apex Legends: Breakout, the 20th season of the fast-paced battle royale, is due to launch on Tuesday, 13th February. To celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, maps will be decorated with confetti and balloons.

As you play through a match, you’ll earn Evo to progress through a tracker. When you hit certain points on it, you will be given two choices as to how you want to enhance your Legend.

Changes to Shields and Crafting: Shields are completely removed from ground loot and they upgrade alongside your Legend Upgrades. Crafting Materials have been entirely removed map-wide and Replicators are now free for everyone.

 Map Rotation and New Modes: The map rotation for Breakout will be Stormpoint, Olympus, and World’s Edge. There will be a new limited-time mode at launch called Straight Shot and the much-loved Three Strikes mode will be returning later in the season.

Ranked Reset and Scoring System: At the start of Breakout, there will be a complete ranked reset and the return of RP (Ranked Points). The scoring system for gaining RP has also been altered to be more transparent and more rewarding for kills.

 Wattson can now stack Pylons again and there’s a Pylon upgrade that will allow it to spawn Arc Stars if broken. Crypto’s drone deploy and recall transitions are being sped up, and Ash could be getting a strong upgrade or two.

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