Atlus Developing Games for Netflix Platform - Rumour

Atlus, known for games like Shin Megami Tensai and Persona, is reportedly developing games for Netflix’s gaming platform.

This news follows Sega’s announcement years ago about a ‘global expansion’ of Atlus, which would see the company’s games released on various platforms.

While it’s unclear which Atlus games could be ported to Netflix, there’s speculation about potential mobile ports for the Persona series or older Shin Megami Tensai games.

The news has sparked mixed reactions among fans on NeoGAF, with some accusing Atlus of ‘selling out’, while others are hopeful that this move could bring P5X to the West and potentially offer ‘gacha free’ gaming.

As Netflix’s gaming platform grows in popularity, the company is reportedly exploring ways to monetize its games.

 The addition of popular games like Grand Theft Auto has significantly boosted Netflix’s gaming service, despite rumors of potential ads or paid in-game premium content.

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