Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Rated For The Nintendo Switch

By- Alex

The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) has rated Batman: Arkham Knight for the Nintendo Switch ahead of the Arkham Trilogy's release.

The game has received a 17+ rating due to its language, blood, and violence.

 Players will control Batman and engage in battles with various villains in Gotham using melee combat and gadgets like the Batarang.

The game features hostage rescues, crime scene investigations, and the use of the Batmobile, which can cause havoc.

Cutscenes in the game are violent, with characters being shot on and off the screen.

 The game includes pools of blood, messy scenes from violent acts, and the ability to shoot unarmed characters and hostages.

Neon signs in the game contain suggestive language with strong words.

The release date for the Arkham Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch has not been announced yet, but the rating suggests an announcement may be coming soon.

The rating provides insights into the gameplay, violence, and mature content expected in Batman: Arkham Knight for the Nintendo Switch.