Best CS:GO crosshair codes used by pros and streamers

By- Alex

A good crosshair in CS:GO can improve aim, accuracy, and confidence.

Setting up a crosshair can be complex, so using codes of professional players can save time.

Here are some CS:GO crosshair codes of famous players that can be copied for personal use.

dev1ce's crosshair code: CSGO-jvnbx-S3xFK-iEJXD-Y27Nd-AO6FP

NiKo's crosshair code: CSGO-UwUWf-AScRw-fmW79-woFNe-wLsuL

EliGE's crosshair code: CSGO-BFTzN-avOyU-djZEM-FmwKd-v5TCP

s1mple's crosshair code: CSGO-RiaU3-DDuB5-rCqXD-GUhfw-pevvE

ZywOo's crosshair code: CSGO-Qzpx5-BRLw8-xFPCS-hTns4-GHDhP

 Using these codes can help players customize their crosshair to match the preferences of successful professional players.