Best Starter Pals in Palworld

Lamball is one of the earliest Pals you’ll encounter in Palworld. While it’s a little underwhelming in combat, Lamball can build structures, craft equipment, and transport goods. When you unlock the ability to construct a ranch, you can farm Lamball for wool which is used for repairing armor.

Cattiva is another Pal that lives in abundance right around where you’ll start your adventure. They’re weak and easy to catch which means you can have a small army of them mining stone in your base. It can also collect and store materials, and harvest fruit and berries to keep you and your Pals fed.

Foxparks is a lot more handy in combat than our first two starter Pals thanks to its fire attacks. Back at base, Foxparks can cook meat for more effective hunger control and smelt ingots in a Primitive Furnace.

Lifmunk is the best starter Pal to use as a lumberjack. It is also one of the first Pals you can use to plant and harvest berries for food. When you progress far enough along the Technology Tree, you can craft and arm Lifmunk with an SMG.

Pengullet is one of the few Pals that can water crops this early in the game. It can also craft, build, and use the Crusher to turn stone into Paldium Fragments. Not only does Pengullet have all that utility, but with sufficiently advanced technology, you can load one into a rocket launcher and fire it for big damage.

Palworld’s early game will involve a lot of setup to get your base optimized and the resources flowing. Each Pal in Palworld has different strengths in and around the base you’ll be steadily building up on your journey. In the early game, getting it running efficiently will make things easier.

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