Best Steam Deck games of 2023

Valve’s Steam Deck has revolutionized the handheld gaming scene, making portable PC gaming more accessible than ever.

 Hi-Fi Rush: A surprise throwback from the director of Resident Evil 4, Hi-Fi Rush combines 3D brawling and rhythm game mechanics. It runs at a full 60fps on the deck using medium settings, making it one of the most innovative AAA games this year.

Lies of P: One of 2023’s best Soulslikes, Lies of P is a reimagining of Pinocchio with a mood and combat that rivals some of the best games in the genre. It runs surprisingly well on the Steam Deck, averaging around 45fps on the default settings.

Sonic Superstars: The latest game in the Sonic series is a throwback that adds new mechanics to level designs inspired by the classic Genesis platformers. Sonic Superstars runs much better on Steam Deck than other portable platforms.

Dave the Diver: One of the highest rated games of the year, Dave the Diver feels like a mix of Subnautica and Papa’s Pizzeria. The addictive gameplay loop is accompanied by a gorgeous pixel art style that looks and runs beautifully on the Steam Deck.

Dredge and Pizza Tower: Dredge, a psychological horror/fishing game, takes a dark turn when the morality of hunting and gutting fish is called into question. Pizza Tower, with chaotic platforming reminiscent of the Wario Land games, took the internet by storm midway through 2023.

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