Black Friday 2023: Xbox Series X Price Drop Rumors Spark Excitement

By- Alex

With Black Friday approaching, gamers are anticipating a significant price drop for the Xbox Series X.

 Reputable leaker billbil-kun hints at a €150 price reduction on the Xbox Series X, bringing it down to €399 for the holiday season.

If Microsoft mirrors the same discount in the United States, the Xbox Series X could be available for just $350, marking a substantial three-year anniversary offer.

In contrast, Sony's release of the slim PlayStation 5 doesn't seem to include a price discount at the time of this announcement.

Billbill-kun suggests that other merchants might sweeten the deal with extra discounts, like Auchan offering an additional €10 on the loyalty card, potentially reducing the final price to €389.99.

While these rumors generate excitement, Microsoft has not officially confirmed its Black Friday and 2023 holiday season deals for the Xbox Series X

As anticipation builds, the question remains – will you seize the opportunity to pick up an Xbox Series X this year, taking advantage of these potential Black Friday discounts?