Bungie will reportedly face a total Sony takeover

Destiny 2 studio Bungie could reportedly lose its independence under Sony if it fails to meet certain financial goals. This comes as Destiny 2 struggles and the company faces the risk of a total Sony takeover.

The late-October layoffs at Bungie were part of cost-cutting measures taken to avoid a total takeover by Sony, which bought the studio early last year for $3.6 billion.

Despite the Sony acquisition, Bungie is still technically considered a fully independent subsidiary of Sony. Its board of directors includes representatives from both Sony and Bungie.

Though Sony execs have a good share of control over the board, the majority is currently controlled by Bungie representatives. However, this split structure is contingent on the studio reaching financial results.

The conclusion to the MMO’s 10-year Light and Darkness saga, was recently confirmed to have been delayed to June 2024. The developer admitted last month that it had “lost a lot of your trust” amid poor reception to the Lightfall expansion.

Under threat of more layoffs and possible loss of creative control, the promise of a “bigger, bolder, brighter vision for The Final Shape” takes on a whole new, and decidedly more existential, connotation.

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