Chucky from Child's Play Joins Dead by Daylight: A Killer Crossover Event

By- Alex

Dead by Daylight's latest chapter update introduces Chucky, the iconic doll-turned-serial-killer from the Child's Play franchise, as a playable Killer character.

Chucky comes to life with the original voice of Brad Dourif, adding authenticity to the gameplay experience.

Players can personalize Chucky with the "Good Gal" outfit, inspired by Tiffany Valentine, also voiced by Jennifer Tilly.

Chucky will be unleashed into the world of Dead by Daylight on November 28.

Chucky excels at stealth, allowing players to navigate the map discreetly. He possesses a "Slice & Dice" ability to swiftly close the gap between him and his potential victims.

Chucky's human form, Charles Lee Ray, plays a significant role in assisting him in spirit form.

"Scamper" ability enables him to leap through windows and move under pallets, making for a thrilling and unique gameplay experience in Dead by Daylight.