Claims of Starfield Heading to PlayStation 5 Are Debunked

Earlier this week, a new report claimed that Starfield was on its way to the PlayStation 5. NateTheHate ‘confirmed’ that the news was accurate minutes after the report.

However, things have seemingly changed, and now, NateTheHate’s latest tweet suggests that the information is not accurate. He stated, “I’ve rechecked the info mentioned below & the information suggesting Starfield was PS5-bound is false.”

The rumors of Starfield coming to the PlayStation 5 in addition to various other rumors, including Indiana Jones and Gears coming to PlayStation, prompted Phil Spencer to announce a new business update regarding the “future of Xbox” will be coming next week

According to Tom Warren of The Verge, Microsoft is ready to reveal details on the company’s plan to bring previously exclusive games to consoles like PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

In January 2024, rumors became rampant that Xbox would be releasing some of its games on different platforms, including Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves

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